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A The UCC3956 Evaluation Kit allows the designengineer to evaluate the operation and perform-ance of the Lithium-Ion Battery Charger Control-ler. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes.
We ran a typical battery of tests, including games, applications, and a couple other areas. Try to re-calibrate your battery using the battery calibration feature in your computer's bios.
I paid $20AUD for the 6 cells and spent about 1.5 hours doing the re-build (I'm a TV repair technician and so have about 20 years experience with messing about soldering wires). As reported by others here, the 'memory' of the old, crappy cells appears to have lingered in the on-board electronics of the battery management. I have disabled the low-battery standby feature within XP to make sure that the cells become as discharged as possible. I think you can recalibrate your battery using the feature in the bios setting of the computer.
What the commenter before me doesn't realize is that some of these laptops have lost their worth and wouldn't pull more than $300 - $400 on ebay. The battery works just fine and the battery meter on the computer seems to be adapting slowly to the new higher capacity pack. It's good if you know how to or you have a knowledge in electronics coz if you try to risk your laptop it could be blown away. I replace the old cells from my battery as well, but when I charge the battery it charges really fast, and later it discharges at almost the same speed. I think the circuit inside the battery records the charge of the battery and when new cells are installed the charge and discharge cycles are as they were last recorded (this is a protection mechanism) - to be able to use the new batteries I think you have to reset the microcontroller in the circuit. Once my project was completed the charging light on my notebook computer indicated everything was ok. I tried to charge the lithium batteries with an external charger and series resisters to limit the charge rate.
Yes, I would still encourage battery repair but you really need to know what you are doing. Please note the following information from Wikipedia and I would advise reading the full article at Wikipedia. Li-ion batteries are not as durable as nickel metal hydride or nickel-cadmium designs, and can be extremely dangerous if mistreated.
Furthermore, this circuit adds to the cost of lithium-ion batteries, which is usually higher than that of comparable-capacity NiMH or NiCD batteries. Before ordering new batteries you need to know if the batteries are bad or if it is the battery module electronics.
Take a volt meter and check the voltage at each cell level of each parallel set of batteries.
While draining a battery with about 12 volts you can easily see if one of the 3 sections discharges faster than another by measuring the voltage at each cell level.
I will not replace the electronics unless I have a complete electrical schematic of the existing and the new electronic module. My old computer battery (3 years old) still runs the computer but the batteries are very weak. The wire routing was different but the electrical connections were the same as viewed on an electronic schematic.
It's rated 4000mA and 14.8v, now using that information, I think they should be 3.7v each, and have about 500mA, right? You might be missing the "button" on the end of the cell when measuring its length - 18mm X 65mm (18650) is pretty popular, my guess is this is what you have.
Also, your cells a probably setup like mine: two pairs in parallel inside of a pair of series.

Will the protection circuit be able to tell that there's a higher capacity, or will you be limited to the battery's original capacity?
I'm a student in Computer Engineering, so things like this to me are a learning experience.
Thank You for this article, i was searching for a site where i can see that it's possible to disassemble a laptop battery without wrecking it.I succeeded to do it too.
Always ask to have the pads already soldered on the battery because applying excess heat while soldering you risk an explosion. Also I would advise NOT to travel with such a battery unless you want to be questioned for hours at the airport (especially in the notsofreeanymore US and Aiiiih). While you're on the fashionable anti-US bandwagon, you may want to include Britain which has also has all the dystopian Orwellian goodness you could ask for.
I've rebuilt many NiCd and Nimh packs over the years -- looking forward to trying my first Li-ion pack sometime. I've done exactly this process, however, you missed one large problem, the memory chip in the battery may (as it was in my case) be saying that the battery is too old to repair.
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We will ship Segway by Freight company and we charge $199 flat shipping cost in the States.
Our refilled battery packs contain brand new 5.6Ahr high capacity Lithium Phosphate cells, which has exactly the same capacity compared to the original Li-ion packs. Therefore, you should replace Battery Packs in pairs (except for the unusual situation where a Battery Pack is replaced because of damage or defect and the other Battery Pack is relatively new)". We will email you shipping instructions with Prepaid-Postage-Label after we receive your order. The controller is designed to implement a DCto DC buck converter and features a four statecharge control algorithm that enables the chargerto safely and rapidly restore the battery pack tofull capacity.
Time constraints limited the amount of testing we could get done before the NDA lift (and it's already a few hours late), but we will be providing a follow-up article with further testing and information. It will associate the proper charge level in your battery with the reading in your computer. A Li-Ion has about 3 years from birth before it starts to die, regardless of whether it sits in a warehouse or it sits in a laptop getting used regularly. Funny thing, though, when it gets to about 2 - 3%, it stays there for about 2 hours or more before the laptop finally cuts off. I had already bought an 'after-market' replacement pack for $43AUD and so had nothing to lose by having a bash at re-celling the old pack.
But there is also a limitation circuit inside some batteries that won't allow more current to flow than designed for. However, when stored for long periods, the small current drawn by the protection circuitry may deeply drain the battery.
If the batteries are very old and have gradually decreased in power then they should be replaced. If one cell is shorted it will drain the voltage in all cells that are wired in parallel to it. If there is an open battery in any section, that section or that battery voltage will drop faster. I want to be able to break it apart in the future if I need the electronics, the case or the batteries. I found some that were rated WAY higher than my stock cells and I'd like to use them if they'll work, but if it'll just default to it's stock capacity then I don't want to waste my money on them.

In fact I opted for that option fo a 6 year old Asus I had, I sent it to a friend, in San Antonio Texas, complete with Mandriva Linux 2008.1, because she was out of work at the time and couldn't afford a computer.
If you are thinking about analytics, big data and cloud computing, you would be right to evaluate Power. There are no smoke and mirrors here—just hard, cold, empirical evidence provided by independent sources.
Replacing only one Battery Pack will not necessarily increase the performance or range of your Segway HT, because the Segway HT is designed to operate only at the level allowed by the lower-energy Battery Pack. The evaluation board is initially con-figured to charge a 2-Cell 1200mA Hour batterypack, however, the board CAN be modified to ad-dress a variety of applications.
That said, if there are any specific areas that you'd like to see tested, feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment. It will automatically discharge your battery then charge it again, as it associates the proper reading of the charge level for the battery. Now if it were a spanking new $2000 laptop by opinion would be different, but then it would probably be covered by a warranty still. You should leave the batteries charged up and then connect them carefully as to avoid shorting anything out.
Either an irreversible chemical change has occurred or a disabling circuit in the battery has activated. If the problem occurred abruptly you may have one bad cell or a bad electronics chip in the battery pack. If each of the 3 sets of series connections have about 4 volts each then there is a good chance the electronic circuitry is bad.
The battery pack will light up some bright automobile 12 volt brake light bulbs for a long time. That is because the current going through each series section is equal and a bad section will discharge faster.
The only problem with the battery rebuild was that the new cells have a higher charge density, so now the battery charge status reads wrong.
This way you don't short out your laptop because you did a terrible job rebuilding the battery.
Even applying a discount for the fun hackiness of the project, $100 is only worth it to me if the project only takes 4-5 hours.
Nothing to worry though, he could then start his own business repairing laptop batteries for, say, $20 a piece.
The idea of using commodity x86 hardware and replacing it every three years is an outdated cost model. To reduce these risks, li-ion batteries generally contain a small circuit that shuts down the battery when discharged below a certain threshold (typically 3 V) or charged above a certain limit (typically 4.2 V). It would be of no value to replace the batteries unless you have the right electronic circuitry that works for your battery pack and your computer. The manufactures of computer batteries use sufficient technology to dissuade all but the most ambitious techies. It doesn’t consider the total cost of ownership, and it doesn’t consider the advantage of real processing power, high-availability and multithreading like a demon. I have no idea where to get a good battery other than IBM and that may not be a sure thing for a replacement battery. Plus there were too many wires, solder joints and gluing I would need to put it all back together with no warranty if it didn't work.

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