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I went back to buy two or three more after mine came and I tried it, but they were sold out. I travel all over the world and end up for periods where there is no electricity like on safari.
The Solar ReStore XL uses a high-efficiency solar panel with a 300mA charging rate in direct sunlight, which means it can absorb enough energy to charge most phones after only 4-6 hours!
It is a bit difficult to actually fully charge this thing on solar alone, but it does well enough to charge up my phone and MotoACTV at the end of the day. Featuring a length and width that’s smaller than most phones, the 4000 is compact enough to fit in your pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase without any hassle. Unique and unusual gifts, totally geeky stuff, crazy gadgets and gizmos, smart gear, stuff for home, true innovations etc.

Use it to charge most any USB Powered Device , Smartphone, MP3 Player, Ereader, and even some Tablets!
It also features a reinforced, brushed aluminum shell to give it an extra layer of protection against bumps and dings, making it an ideal traveling companion. The compact and portable device has a powerful internal battery that can be charged from an AC outlet, USB hub or by solar power! The Li-polymer battery pack stores emergency power for weeks without degradation, so you'll have the power when you need it! When I got it, I fully charged it using USB as recommended, and then tried to fully drain it. I thought maybe it was supposed to be permanent and I screwed up trying to remove it, so I emailed support.

Simply plug in your OEM USB charging cable to the ReStore’s USB port and connect to your device for instant power.
I charged my phone, iPod, and finally had to hook up my MotoACTV and let it run with Bluetooth and GPS enabled.
The 4000 also features an Auto-Shutoff function which will kick in when it senses that your device’s battery is fully charged, so you don’t have to worry about overcharging or wasting power!

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