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Locations services and notifications are useful, but you may need to limit them to get better iPhone 5s battery life.
To limit notifications you can turn off lock screen notifications to prevent the screen from lighting up when you get new alerts. If you set up the iPhone 5s to get push email through the default mail app it may be unintentionally eating up battery life, depending on how many emails you are getting a day. Users can set this to Auto for a good mix of usefulness and battery life, but if you need to make sure the iPhone battery life lasts longer swipe up from the bottom of your screen and dial down screen brightness with the top slider. If you only need to use your iPhone with limited connectivity and want to make it last longer you can turn Airplane mode on to cut off battery draining connections. Swipe up on the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center and then tap on the airplane icon. If you need more than small improvements in battery life you need to take more drastic steps.
The simplest thing to do when you first run into bad iPhone 5s battery life is to restart the iPhone. When it works, Background App Refresh is a great iOS 7 feature that ensures you have the latest information in apps when you open them, without waiting for an update. Sometimes all you need to do to get better iPhone 5s battery life is to reset the iPhone settings. IF the previous steps don’t fix things there is likely a bad app on the iPhone that is causing poor battery life. It’s worth going to the purchased tab and the update tab in the App Store on the iPhone to look for those you installed and updated recently and start there. If all else fails, the last step to take before visiting Apple to find out if your iPhone battery is bad is a full iPhone 5s restore. You will need to plug in and sync photos and data to the computer and perform a full iTunes or iCloud backup before doing this to make sure your data is safe. If all else fails, you may need to take the iPhone to an Apple store where an employee can test the battery to figure out if it went bad. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance. Despite your best efforts, there are a host of things which can potentially go wrong during either update method. If your iPhone was automatically placed in Recovery Mode after the upgrade, you would need to restore it via iTunes. If after upgrading to the new iOS your iPhone was restored to factory settings, swipe your finger from left to right upon prompt and select the language and country.
From the next screen, tap “Restore from iCloud Backup” and select an iCloud backup entry to restore from.
Once the restore is complete, apps which you previously downloaded or purchased off the AppStore will automatically begin to load. Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market. I had to have a new phone due to hardware issues, my previous backup was done on ios7, but because the new phone didnt have this as default i cant figure out how to get both ios 7 AND restore from cloud back.
Hi Hannah, what was exactly the trouble you experienced while trying to restore from iCloud? Stacey, if you backed up your iPhone via iCloud too, you can try and restore from it instead as described in the article above.
Tara, this is usually caused by a temporary trouble for iTunes connecting to the Apple servers or by inconsistent Internet connection on your side. Hi Lyn, unfortunately, you cannot downgrade your iOS version once you’ve installed iOS 7. Hi Jenni, you need to restore from a previous iCloud or iTunes backup as described in the article above. I have updated my iphone 4gevy sim to ios7 but now my phone is not working its jst showng da Apple sign Again & off wht to do ??
Thanks for replying, Entire world is waiting for the official statement ?? Let us keep our fingers crossed ?? It will be an awesome phone.
Background App Refresh is a great feature to help preserve iPhone battery life as claimed in its Background App Refresh section. 2.Close a single app by touching it and flicking it up and away towards the top of the screen. 3.Close up to three apps at once by touching each one with a finger and flicking them all up at the same time. Step 4: Hit the "RUN" button to start converting the downloaded YouTube video to iPhone 6 on Mac. MacX Video Converter Pro is an all-in-one video converting program with top quality and fast speed.
These fixes will help the iPhone 5s battery last longer and are good for extending the battery life when you need a little bit more time each day. Turning off location services to a specific app that doesn’t really need it for your uses and limiting notifications that light up a screen are two good ways to squeeze a little more battery life out of the iPhone 5s. You can turn it all the way off but you will not be able to use maps and photos taken will not know the location they were taken.
With this option toggled you will still see notifications while using the phone and the sounds and vibrations will still alert you when the iPhone is in your pocket, but the screen won’t light up.

If you set up the iPhone email app and now use the Gmail app or another app, you might even set it to Manual which will only look for new email when the app is open. Even though the screen looks beautiful at full brightness the iPhone won’t last nearly as long as at a lower brightness. Just don’t forget to turn it on when you leave that area or you will miss out on the dramatically faster speeds.
This may be handy to finish a movie before your battery dies or to keep reading a book when the battery is getting low. While we can leave our iPhone running for weeks without issue, sometimes a simple restart will fix a nagging battery life issue. Sometimes a rogue app or collection of apps can impact battery life when Background App Refresh is on.
This is the toughest to  find because you have to uninstall one app and check battery life, then repeat. It is therefore important to take time and back up iPhone information and settings right before upgrading.
We’d advise you to also back up iPhone contacts, calendars, music, apps, videos and photos to your PC as separate files so that you can restore these whenever you want. This article will help you find the steps to resolve most iOS upgrade errors involving iTunes. Recovery Mode is a particular state of iOS devices which have encountered software- or app-related trouble.
Refer to this troubleshooting article for a detailed procedure on how to get the iPhone out of recovery mode after iOS upgrade.
Once the device appears in iTunes, click on it and from the Summary tab click the “Restore Backup…” button. He grew up in Bulgaria and on the island of Mauritius where he became passionate about windsurfing and photography. To restore from iCloud backup, you’d need to reset the iPhone to factory settings (which will remove all settings and delete all data from the device).
You need to make sure to back up the iPhone via iTunes as described above before resorting to restoring.
We ourselves are following the latest news on the Internet and we’d be delighted to get more details from Apple!
However, they also notice in dismay that all the fun comes at the price of fast battery drain. However, in such a society where almost everybody's supposed to rely on iPhone heavily, users will understand full well that this estimate can be wildly optimistic. Among those apps, the location services like the built-in GPS, is one of the coolest features of iPhone, but also a pretty big battery drainer. In fact, all the apps you have ever opened are still running background and eating battery. It therefore comes as no surprise that brightness is among the top iPhone 6 battery killers. With the aid of this feature-rich video converter, converting HD or SD videos to mobile devices isn't a tough work anymore for me. Some people using the new iOS 5 complained that the operating system is draining battery life too fast, so the people at Apple released iOS 5.1 that tried to fix some of these problems. The steps are listed in the order we recommend trying them to avoid the biggest amount of hassle. If you experience bad battery life it is worth trying to turn this off to see if it fixes the problem. This mode is instantly recognizable from the iPhone screen once it shows a USB cable, and an arrow pointing towards the iTunes icon. You can also restore from iCloud backup which does not require plugging the iPhone to a computer but you must have an active Internet connection.
Also, connect the iPhone to a power source since the restore process can quickly deplete the iPhone battery. I’d strongly advise you to take the iPhone to your carrier company and troubleshoot the matter with them.
This kind of services needs large battery to work while as a matter of fact, you seldom use all or any of them. Even if you don't actually use it, iPhone will refresh number of apps in the background, which sucks up a large amount of battery. Compare with static background images, dynamic backgrounds take up more CUP and consume more battery.
Therefore, you have to make sure that the screen will sleep in the shortest time to save iPhone 6 battery life. Then click "Download Now", after a few minutes, the downloaded video will be automatically added to the convert list. The later steps will take more time and require more work by the user, but if iPhone battery life is unusable there isn’t much else to do.
If it does you can then go through and try disabling access to specific apps until you find the offender and remove it until there is an update to the app.
It’s a fast fix for any odd settings you may have accidentally enabled or disabled or any bugs in connectivity or other areas. If you can take the time to start fresh you can avoid the chance of bringing the battery life problem right back with a restore.

As we discovered, a recent backup of the iPhone serves as a much needed insurance against failure. This meant that we needed to manually restore the iOS data back to the newly-updated iDevices.
It will then say I need to charge it, but waiting 5-10minutes (in some cases) means I can turn it on again and it has battery life still. If you want to improve iPhone battery life, to shut any app and service you really don't need down needs your consideration. As all your information on the device is going to be lost, it is therefore suggested to backup and transfer data through iTunes or iCloud before you restore your phone.
To maximize iPhone 6 battery life, keep the screen dimmer is the first thing you will do.A Just tweak the brightness manually based on your own needs by going to Settings > Display & Brightness and moving the slider to the left. While if you open Wifi, it will keep looking for a network which need large amount of battery. Go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock and set your iPhone to automatically go to sleep in 1 minute. Activities that require the phone be on for long periods, or take up a lot of system resources, suck the most battery. This is because, the downloaded videos can be played in a more efficient format and therefore downloading vides can save a significant amount of battery compared with streaming online.
Furthermore there are apps out there that can do task management and kill rogue applications manually. Next, follow the directions from the above tutorial to restore the backup to your new iPhone. After you identify those apps which fail to sleep when they are not in use, you can take some measures: If disabling Facebook can extend iPhone 6 battery life and stop battery drain, then disable Facebook. Go ahead to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > and disable some apps you don't need to be refreshed badly like Facebook. Now just go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content And Settings to restore your iPhone. However, updates to the software might prove that some of these apps are stubborn and will stop behaving like they should.
If you need to maximize iPhone 6 battery life, keep those battery hungry activities to a minimum.
This usually fixes battery life issues.Keep the software updatedSometimes, simply making sure you are running the latest software version is the best way to go. The iPhone has a certain sensor in it, a light sensor that is ambient-aware and this will automatically set the screen brightness to an optimal level depending on the light conditions in your room. If you’re outside were it is shiny and the sun is blazing, the screen brightness will be reduced to a smaller factor. It basically detects your surrounding light and if you are in a well-lit area the sensor will decrease back lighting. This in turn will give you a longer battery life.What about jailbreaking?Jailbreaking you device means you will be able to install apps not only from the official Apple App Store but also from Cydia and other third party sources. This also means that some of those apps will consume much more battery life than the official apps that are thoroughly tested before entering the App Store.Terminating apps that are running in the backgroundUsually, any apps closed on your device will enter a paused state. Apple does a great job at controlling these apps and they will not consume any battery life while they are hibernating. However your might consider terminating apps that are running in the background if they are the kind that need to run hidden. For example, Navigon or Pandora will keep running in the background because they were designed to do so.
Being run in the background also means you won’t always be aware of them so this might also be a cause of why your battery life is draining so fast. To terminate apps you have to touble-tap to get to the multitasking bar, find the app you want to terminate and press and hold on it.
If you have more than one app to kill and wouldn’t ant to go through a multitude of them, you could reboot your device.
Besides the screen brightness, 3G is the one that uses most of your battery life in your iPhone. The thing is third party apps use this notifications system and this in turn can drain your battery life considerably.ConclusionIn the end it all comes down to how much you use your iPhone. If you use it daily and your needs go beyond periodically checking your emails, then the battery life of the device will also drain more rapidly. There are some hardware tools you could use to make sure this battery life is replenished quickly.
External batteries aren’t cheap but they may come in handy if you use your device a lot. There are also car chargers you can get hold of and use them to recharge your battery while driving.

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