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To reset your BlackBerry Bold 9700 Series, you just need to remove and reinsert the battery.
Caution: Before you delete the data or media card files, consider backing up these items so that you have a copy on your computer. You can even reinstall the whole mobile OS if you have some technical knowledge regarding mobiles. The above process is similar to flashing or rotting of mobile and requires some knowledge about applications and how they function to perform this better.
BlackBerry phones are usually well designed and they won’t give any problem or inconvenience to their users.
Take time to know the steps on how to factory reset and hard reset your Microsoft Lumia 535. Improve your website search engine rankings and increase traffic by submitting some articles linking on your site. Resetting your BlackBerry Classic Q20 will restore all the settings back to its original state.

Tip: If you are planning to give away or recycle your device, remember to also remove your SIM card and media card. Below the screen display, you’ll find a comfortable and responsive QWERTY keyboard along with a touch-sensitive optical trackpad. You can reset your password without knowing your current password by deleting all your device data. With its popular model Curve 9220, it has also started to acquire its market share in the mid range mobile segment also.
It is always a better option to perform this type of resetting in experts presence or under experts guidance so that you won’t get unwanted problems. If the problem of your phone still exists after the reset also, then give your BlackBerry phone to qualified BlackBerry personnel for repairs. This includes email accounts, downloaded apps, media files, documents, browser bookmarks, and settings.
BlackBerry OS v5.0 is installed in this device with the support of 624 MHz processor and 256 MB RAM.

If you have turned on encryption, the process for deleting all device data can take up to an hour to complete. You can select the checkboxes you want to delete and you have to check all the boxes for factory reset. QWERTY Keyboard and optional track Pad along with sensors like proximity sensor, accelerometer sensor etc. Less weight, sleek dimensions and BlackBerry’s special features like push mail, voice memo etc.
Select “Wipe Data”, this will delete all the data that is present on your BlackBerry Curve and the phone will be restored to its default settings after the process is over. Though you don’t need the resetting process for your BlackBerry, it is better to know how to reset BlackBerry 9220.

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