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Whether it’s due to the need to resell a device, or a virus that simply won’t relinquish its control of their storage and start-up apps, every day millions of Windows users are forced to reset their device and start over from scratch. When Apple introduced the MacBook Air, which ditched the DVD drive entirely, PC makers followed suite. The history lesson is necessary because some Windows 8.1 devices still use those methods for allowing users to restore their device. Press the Windows key on your Windows 8.1 device’s keyboard to go back to the Start Screen. Touch users should place their finger on the right edge of their display and slowly slide it to the right to reveal the Charms Bar.
Before you do anything else, make sure you understand the options that are being presented to you in the Update and Recovery screen.
Tapping or clicking on the button underneath Refresh your PC without affecting your files will check your device to see if you have enough space and reinstall Windows 8 around your files. Absolutely plug-in a flash drive or external hard drive and back up your pictures, videos, and music if you plan on using the button below Remove everything and reinstall Windows. Either one you choose, be sure to keep your Windows 8.1 laptop, desktop or tablet plugged in until it’s completely finished the entire process.
If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking your device into a service to have them do this for you.
Factory reset is an option which formats the laptop completely, including all the partitions and data. There are basically three types of recovery methods which can be used to factory reset my HP laptop.

To use this method of factory reset you need to click F11 key continuously while the laptop is getting started to get the Recovery Manager.
This factory method is used while the recovery partition is not working properly in both the above options and an error message is popping up while doing them. All you need to do is just press ‘Escape’ key while the laptop is starting up to go to the boot menu. If you’ve forgotten to create a backup before starting the factory reset process, you can do it here also. I guess now you all can factory reset your HP laptop and if any problem still persists, then it’s better to call HP support immediately.
Usually, the version of Windows installed on a specific computer was kept on one DVD while a separate DVD held programs. Pressing the Windows button near your device’s display will also take you to the Start Screen.
Mouse and keyboard users should place their mouse cursor in the top-right corner of their display to reveal the Charms Bar.
For example, your pictures will remain on the device even though a new version of Windows has been installed. If your device’s battery dies before it finishes you could permanently damage your hard drive, rendering your device completely useless. After the process of factory reset the laptop is in the exact condition of purchasing in terms of software. Once you enter the boot menu, select the ‘Recovery from Disc’ option and the rest will be again same as the above processes.

To cut costs some companies, like HP and Dell, ditched restore discs entirely, leaving it up to users to create restore discs for themselves. It requires no extra hardware, and it includes an option that allows users to reset everything without backing up the stuff on their device first. Just in case something goes wrong it’s not a bad idea to back up your stuff either – just in case.
If you aren’t seeing that option there then the account you’re logged into doesn’t have administrator controls. Only use this option if you plan on trading in your Windows 8 device, selling it or giving it away to a member of your family. Software installed on user’s computers would look for a flash drive with the right amount of storage space, clear everything from it and turn it into a bootable drive that users could then plug into their device and restore from. You’ll have to log out and login in on an account that is allowed to make changes to your device before you can reset. If you’ve noticed a few random issues with apps not working correctly or you think you might have a virus this is the option for you.

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