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I consider replacing my 12V battery with Lithium (4 CALB cells at 3.4 volts), since weight is on of the key issues in my conversion. The 'bad idea' part that I see with replacing the accessory battery in an EV, or even a standard car with lithium is that if you leave the headlights on or a door is cracked open and the dome light is on, your battery discharges and you are out the cost of the 4 cells of 40Ah(or 60Ah) lithium. For example, I wanted smallest possible 12V battery in my EV, so I used lawn mower starting battery and I had my DC-DC switched to the main pack via main contactor, which is controlled by ignition key.
I then changed my wiring to have DC-DC always on, so it keeps 12V battery full at all times.
Yes, I considered this as well, especially since here an auxiliary battery is not necessarily needed for registration.
However, since 12V battery is hardly used at all and its always charged by DC-DC, BMS on it wasn't really neccessary, just charge all 4 cells individually at first to line them up, then assemble in series.
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I think 40ah in Lithium would be sufficient, since the battery does not have to maintain a starter motor. Everything was working great until one time my EV sat in a garage for a week without use and 12V battery was drained by small loads I have always on, like BMS, clock radio, EV Display, total less than 0.5 Amp, but enough to drain small battery in a week of no use. Battery now just serves as a buffer when 12V load exceeds DC-DC capacity ( for example all windows are rolled up or down at once while radio is at full volume, etc), and also serves as a safety in case DC-DC fails while on the road. Since my car won't have any power-windows, -stearing or -brakes (it is 38 years old) there should not be to much load during driving. However I kind of feel safer having a small 12V battery, just in case the DCDC breaks down in the middle of the night.
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I did the passenger side first and took the whole entire headlight assembly out of the car. If I recall correctly, there is a black plastic cover that just snaps off, then some kind of metal clamp needs to be opened to release the bulb.
For the passenger side, you would have to remove the long air gatherer thingy (1-10mm bolt), and remove half the air filter container (1-10mm bolt, and undo clamp) to get easy access.

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