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2001 Toyota PriusEnlarge PhotoIt's one of the most frequent questions asked about hybrids: What happens if I have to replace the high-voltage battery pack?
Our reader Al Hodges, of El Cajon, California, was kind enough to tell us how it happened for him. His experience is just one data point, but it may reassure those who fear that they'll have to pay $7,500 or even $10,000 to replace their hybrid battery.
While hybrid battery packs are designed to last the life of the vehicle, a few may well need to be replaced before then.
Before you ask, by the way: Toyota service departments have had a program in place for years to recycle nickel-metal-hydride battery packs at the end of their life. Including new cables, labor, and taxes, the service manager told Hodges, the cost would be more than $4,400. Hodges suspects Toyota has about a 200-percent markup on its parts, so he was pleased to see an extra $1,400 remaining in his bank account compared to the first estimate.
Hodges also suggests that the price for battery replacements will come down over time, so that they may be cheaper in the future than they are today.
Once you have the battery in hand, it’s just a matter of popping open the key fob and replacing the old battery.

Now that the fob is open, you just need to pop out the little circuit board to access the battery. And there you have it… Just pop out the CR2032 battery, replace it with a new one, and reassemble your key fob. A word of warning: When buying your replacement battery, be careful to get the CR2032 and not the (very!) similar-looking CR2025.
The CR2032 and CR2025 are both coin-style, 3V lithium batteries with identical diameters, but they’re not the same. DisclaimerThe contents of this website are provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. How to guide with pictures for replacing the CR2032 3V coin battery in a Toyota vehicle's key fob remote control.
Q in San Diego had a program to replace first-generation Prius batteries for $2,500, using rebuilt packs, as a Do-It-Yourself package," he found. It still included everything required for the full replacement, but this time, the total was $2,931.
I did this recently while troubleshooting my door lock problems, and I snapped a few pics along the way.

You may need to insert the tip of the key (or something else small) at the notch in the lower corner and gently pry it up. Since the shelf life on lithium batteries of this sort is typically 10+ year, you might want to just pick one up and stick it in the glove box for future use.
You might want to open you key fob first and check your battery before buying your replacement. Individuals leaving comments are solely responsible and liable for the contents of their comments.
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