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They missed out the bit that describes an inner capsule in two halves with 4 awkward clips (2 arrowed). The immobiliser chip is in a recess in the bottom half and is accessable without splitting the case (and independant of the battery obviously).
Agreed, I have spent many an hour looking at my key, trying to work out how it is taken apart, just to change the battery, and I still struggle to work it out!
Maybe thats why they gave me two flipkeys, so I just swap it over when the batteries dead, and then by the time I work out how to change the battery, I might just have enough years to swap the battery, before the spares one dies! Thanks for the info Ace, finally had to replace my 2, started using my spare about 6 months ago after just over 4 years, that has also started packing up. Step 5Place the new batteries in a lint-free cloth and use the cloth to insert the new batteries under the contact springs with the plus (+) side facing up.
To change the battery, at first detach the transmitter from the ring for superior ingress in the cover. Now, with the edge of a metal coin, you have to separate the rear cover of battery by sliding into the hole at the boundary of car key. Now put the cover back on your key battery and push hardly on the two halves simultaneously till they crack into the right place. And now, check again, if your car key is working again from the usual distance with brand new battery or not.
If you find the inside of battery compartment is oily or smudged with grease, don’t think of cleaning it.
When the cover is detached from the battery, don’t touch the circuits of your key transmitter.

Check that transmitters both halves are cracked accurately, despite the moister can damage it by entering into the transmitter. Mercedes benz questions answers ecu problems, If you are having a problem with your mercedes benz and you think it may be related to the ecu feel free to post your question here and one of our technicians will.
Mercedes benz questions answers ecu problems, If you are having a problem with your mercedes benz and you think it may be related to the ecu feel free to post your question here and one of our technicians will.Mercedes cars.
The controversial Tesla Autopilot charged its first fatality Who will take responsibility now? Dodge ram 1500 key fob battery replacement guide - 2009 , Dodge ram 1500 key fob battery replacement guide 2012, and 2013) dodge ram 1500 truck in changing the key fob battery. How to change battery in '10-'12 ram keyfob - dodge ram, How to change battery in '10-'12 ram keyfob. Find great deals on ebay for dodge key fob battery replacement dodge key battery replacement. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. You currently have 0 posts.To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. Yes the 4 clips on the inner capsule were tricky and caused a few heated words between me and the OH when we tried to unclick the 4 clips simutaneously.
Mine started to hesitate after 3 years and I was planning to take it to the dealer fearing the immo issues.
If the batteries in your Mercedes Benz SmartKey are depleted, you cannot use the SmartKey to get in the car or start it.

The particular key foist carry buttons that facilitate you to hatch door or open the back trunk, or to trigger the panic alarm, or to lock or unlock all the doors of the vehicles and so on.
If you really care about your car key, don’t ever think of using any type of metallic tools or accessories, which may damage some part of that electronic device.
In an exclusive event held in Barcelona they were invited key players in this taxi sector to discover this prototype electric taxi …. You can remove the mechanical key hidden in the widest end of the SmartKey and use that, but changing the batteries is a simple process that anyone can do. In a word, car key battery is a sort of remote locking mechanism system, which can easily be chained with car key ring. For further usage like taking apart the two parts of key fob, you will be in need of a small screwdriver. Anyway for better usage and safety reasons, don’t forget go though some certain instructions inside the battery cover about your key transmitter.
Because you won’t be able to operate your key normally from the usual distance you are habitual to. Keep in touch for more tips and tricks regarding motors vehicles or cars tools and accessories.

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