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2001 Toyota PriusEnlarge PhotoIt's one of the most frequent questions asked about hybrids: What happens if I have to replace the high-voltage battery pack?
Our reader Al Hodges, of El Cajon, California, was kind enough to tell us how it happened for him.
His experience is just one data point, but it may reassure those who fear that they'll have to pay $7,500 or even $10,000 to replace their hybrid battery.
While hybrid battery packs are designed to last the life of the vehicle, a few may well need to be replaced before then. Before you ask, by the way: Toyota service departments have had a program in place for years to recycle nickel-metal-hydride battery packs at the end of their life. Including new cables, labor, and taxes, the service manager told Hodges, the cost would be more than $4,400. Hodges suspects Toyota has about a 200-percent markup on its parts, so he was pleased to see an extra $1,400 remaining in his bank account compared to the first estimate. Hodges also suggests that the price for battery replacements will come down over time, so that they may be cheaper in the future than they are today.
That’s the price the pundits were saying it would cost to replace the hybrid batteries when the second generation Toyota Prius splashed onto the scene in a big way. When the second-generation Toyota Prius arrived back in the fall of 2003, it was met with a reception not unlike that of a stranger in a small town. Toyota responded with a press release pointing out that the hybrid wires run through the floor hump in the middle of the car and not the doors, that the hybrid batteries are 100 percent recyclable, and that, to date, very few Priuses have required hybrid battery replacement – despite being on the road since 2000 (starting with the first-generation Prius).
The Daily Mail, originators of an article charging that the making of hybrid batteries irreparably harmed the landscape, later retracted the article. The Hummer comparison originated from a report by CWN, comparing the total energy used in developing and manufacturing a vehicle, as well as the energy used during the life of the vehicle’s operation. So, 14 years since the original Prius went on sale in the USA, and 11 years since the second-generation Prius reached our shores, the car has won over all but its most die-hard skeptics. That $10,000 figure for the hybrid batteries was part guesstimate and part conjecture, based on the newness of the technology at the time. To understand why, you have to know that a disproportionately high number of nerds bought the Prius when it first came out. At the dealership, the diagnosis arrives: The hybrid batteries are in need of replacement—and installation of a new hybrid battery pack is $3,000 (parts and labor).
Throughout the country, there are stores that now sell and install used, replacement hybrid batteries. We went with HBR’s $1400 option, and watched as HBR’s Marcos Contreras removed the back seat, removed the floor panels, removed the old hybrid battery pack, install the “new” battery pack, put the panels and seats back in, and tested the car in less than one hour.
It’s been two months since the Prius had its transplant, and there’s no sign that the car ever suffered a heart attack. Now we don’t think getting used batteries is the way to go for everyone, even if the replacement cells have less mileage. It was, in fact, Toyota that suggested owners don’t neccessarily need to replace the entire hybrid battery pack with a new unit.
With hybrid battery repair now available for the cost of a major tune-up, the last of the great hybrid myths has been laid to rest.
Service 1 : Repair of individual cells in the hybrid battery pack (90 day, 3000 mile warranty). Service 2: Replacement of all cells with low mileage cells (12 month, 12,000 mile warranty). The first time we encountered a bad HV transaxle was when a talented DIYer, and sometimes customer, brought his 2001 Prius in for us to check codes for him.
We recommended he take his car to the dealer, just in case the fix turned out to be covered under the campaign or warranty. Seven months later, the warning triangle came on again, and he came by for us to check codes. Since the code does not reset if the problem is in the transaxle, our next move was to disconnect the two high voltage cables from the rear of the car at the battery pack,and at the front of the car at the inverter, then check for cable insulation leaks with a megger. A megger, also called a megohm meter, is a tool used for checking insulation on motor windings or high voltage cables. By the way, if the P3009 *had* reset while sitting in PARK with the key on, the next step would have been to remove the battery cover to check for shorts to the cover, etc. If you were doing something silly, like running the car in gear on a rack, and tried to remove the cover to poke your fingers in there, the power would be shut off and your suicide attempt would be thwarted. The HV battery, cables, inverter, and transaxle do not push any high voltage through the body of the car; they are completely isolated.
We get a lot of Hybrid referrals from competing shops who want nothing to do with hybrids, and we’re very happy to take them.
The engine must be removed to remove the transaxle, but it’s not much harder than removing the engine on the average car.
Now we split the engine and transmission, which is pretty easy to do since there is no torque converteror clutch on the Prius.

There is a sort of clutch-like damper assembly between the engine and transaxle, but it only provides a little damping, no actual clutch like action.
The 6 HV cables from the inverter to the transaxle are pre-labled so you are less likely to install them wrong. Both Prius transaxles were fairly easy projects (easy for me to say since Scott was doing all the work).
Q in San Diego had a program to replace first-generation Prius batteries for $2,500, using rebuilt packs, as a Do-It-Yourself package," he found.
It still included everything required for the full replacement, but this time, the total was $2,931. Along with all the accolades, the technology was accompanied by fear and loathing—fear of the unknown and loathing over all the attention it was getting.
The photograph that ran with the article was taken several decades ago, and the nickel mining company has since been coveted by the Canadian government for transforming the land into an eco-friendly environment. CWN raised some eyebrows when it concluded that the total life cycle energy used for a Prius was greater than that of a Hummer. In 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency revised its testing procedures to better reflect real-world driving conditions. Whether anyone actually paid that much money for replacement batteries is a subject for urban legend investigators.
These were tech-savvy people hell-bent on learning everything about the car—how to make it go farther on a tank of gas, how to stiffen its chassis to corner better, and how to get the multi-function display to accept satellite radio, to name just a few. One significant outcome of this mission is the emergence of a cottage industry dedicated to bringing down the cost of replacement hybrid batteries.
While traversing upward on the notoriously grueling Grapevine, the dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree. As mentioned, you can even get step-by-step instructions online describing how to replace the hybrid batteries on your own (non-techies, don’t try this at home).
Transitions from full electric, to gas-electric hybrid, and back to full electric feel as normal as before.
For those of you that plan on keeping your ten-year Prius for another ten years or more, you should definitely consider going with a new battery pack (yes, there are people who have every intention of keeping their Prius forever). Shortly after the second-generation Prius came to market, Toyota issued a news release stating that the car would become so plentiful that owners could opt to replace bad hybrid cells with low-mileage used cells from the salvage yard. He called us after the dealer had checked it out, said the P3009 was caused by a bad transaxle, and told us it was not covered under warranty.
It is VERY hard to electrocute yourself with a Prius, and there are a lot of safety interlocks built into this car, and there’s no reason to fear hybrids if you are a good mechanic or smart person who reads instructions. The idea is to divide the circuit– when the car is in park there is no power leaving the battery pack in the rear and going to the inverter in the front, so if the code resets,the leak is somewhere in the battery pack.
We pulled this one off because we had a codes P3030 (high voltage line snapped) and P3001(HV battery ECU malfunction), but that’s another story. A typical circuit would start at the battery, go through a main fuse, through the ignition switch, through a circuit fuse, to the component being powered (the radio for instance), and then to the body of the car where the power would travel through the metal in the body to the negative battery cable and back into the battery. The power does not flow from the inverter, through a winding, through the transmission case and body back to the inverter. So if there is a high voltage leak to the chassis, it does not complete a circuit, but can be detected by the computer, and set a code P3009. He’s not afraid of any project and is always smiling, even when the going gets rough. Like many modern front wheel drive cars, the engine and transmission come out the bottom of the car. Fast forward ten years, and hybrid battery repair can be now had for the cost of a major tune-up. Outlandishly, the EPA claimed that it was capable of 51 miles per gallon on the highway and 60 miles per gallon around town.
The report has since been discredited by both the automotive press and the environmental experts. But the EPA ratings of all vehicles were impacted, and the Agency still considers the Prius the most fuel-efficient car sold in America without an electric plug.
We can say that Toyota today will charge you approximately $2500 for a brand new hybrid battery pack, and about $500 for labor. Contacting the nearest Toyota dealer, our call is connected to the automotive equivalent of an advise nurse. A 2001 Toyota Prius with its hybrid lights flickering on the dashboard came upon his possession. To this end, Joe hired trained technicians to replace hybrid battery packs at customer’s homes. Acceleration seems as good as the car was new, which is to say the Prius is its old, unsporty self. On the other hand, if you don’t plan on keeping your car that long, the used option is certainly worth considering.

In California, consumers reached that conclusion early on, as sales of the Prius have eclipsed every other car in the state. For the second year in a row, Consumer Reports has ranked the Prius as the best-value in cars, based on performance, reliability, and five-year ownership costs. At the time, we suspected that there might have been a problem with over application of sealer during the 40G HV battery service campaign, since a hybrid trainer had told us he heard too much sealer had caused a HV leak on some Priuses. We offered to buy a megger and do the testing for him, but he opted to have the dealer do the diagnosis again. If the code does not reset,the problem is somewhere in the cables, inverter, or transmission (oris intermittent). Before hybrid cars, meggers were most often used to test large electric motors on pumps, trains, boats, etc.. The cables come from the inverter, and must be disconnected from the inverter before testing the motor windings and cables with the megger.
Anyway, we checked between each of the 6 cables with the transaxle case with the megger and found that all 3 MG2 cables had continuity to ground, meaning there is a short to ground in one of the windings. So when we think of a high voltage leak, we think of high voltage shorting to ground (the body) before the load, which would cause bad stuff to happen if there were no fuse in the circuit. This would mean than a voltmeter with one lead touching one of 3 phase cables and the other touching the transmission case, should read 0V, provided everything is working normally.
Luckily, the going was not rough on either of the Prius transmission replacements, and Scott made the jobs look easy. However, my feelings about the auto repair industry’s lack of enthusiasm for hybrids are a little conflicted.
We use carts with blocks of wood to support the engine and transmission, then, once everything is unbolted and disconnected, we raise the car on the lift, leaving the engine and transmission sitting on the cart.
Lots of people flocked to the car with open arms, and it collected a number of car-of-the-year awards along the way. Chief among the criticisms: CNW assumed that the lifespan of the Prius is just over 100,000 miles. In the real world, however, you can get replacement hybrid batteries for a small fraction of that price.
You can even find step-by-step instructions online to dismantle the hybrid battery pack and replace it with a new pack. Amazingly, the excellent gas mileage has only improved since it was brand new, if ever so slightly. He emailed a while later to say they found the same problem again — a bad HV transaxle. Our mechanic Enzo says the old megger he used while working as a tug boat mechanic had a hand crank to generate it’s test current. Notice that there is a small jumper connector on the square MG2 cover and another on the round MG1 cover? Every mechanic has their own specialties, Sandor is the Subaru engine master, Brad is the emissions & drivablity guy, and so on. There are all sorts fancy drive train jacks available, but we’ve found the two cart method works the best for us. We’ve since found out that it is possible to purchase MG2 as a separate part, but we have not yet researched whether it would be cost effective to replace only MG2. With hundreds of thousands of Prii already on California roads, Joe realized that these cars sooner or later will need hybrid battery repair—and that he can do it for less than what the dealer charges.
In addition to hybrid battery replacement, the company expanded out to include the usual oil change and brake service, to hybrid inverter replacement, transmission replacement, and even engine replacement.
I’m not sure if you can zap yourself with a megger, or whether that zap might be painful or even be dangerous. Power is applied to one winding and grounded through another, not through the body of the car. We try to make sure everyone does some of each type of work, so our shop will still run when if someone goes on vacation.
I’ve been meaning to tear down one of the old transaxles to check for wear on parts other than MG2 and to figure out how much time it will take for the repair. And in the transportation community, the Prius has become the dominant taxi in America, with several having gone over 300,000 miles.
Since he now had more HV transaxle experience than most professional mechanics, he went back home, and put another used unit in. I’m too much of a chicken to find out, so I keep my hands away from the probe tips just to be safe. When he was done, we cleared codes for him, and as far as I know, it’s still working OK.

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