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Hey everyone, I recently purchased a '96 Outback (love it) to replace my long dead '91 Legacy. My problem is the battery cables are severely corroded and neither of the clamps are the correct size (negative is too large and the positive is too small), it's so bad that I can't get the clamps on the negative tight enough for the car to start, the jaws of the clamp actually touch so it won't tighten any further. My first thought is to take the cables from my '91 junk legacy and install them on my Outback. My only other concern with swapping the cables (aside from them being incompatible) is on the Outback the bolt for grounding line on the front fender looks almost like it's cracked down the center in a few places (!?), is taking those off and putting a new one on that simple or are their complications?
I found out that Subaru has special terminal connectors that you need, I just went to buy new connectors at 2 of my local auto parts stores and neither sells the right ones.
Dumb question here but does anyone have a good guide for how to replace the entire battery cable? I'm looking for something specifically Subaru to give me a good idea of how difficult this is. I don't have guide but, with one exception, it's shouldn't be difficult to replace most of that wiring with either a genuine Subaru assembly or individual generic or made-up cables.
If that assembly or even just one or two cables are to be replaced, it should be possible to cut off the ends of the defective wires, and then just run new cables point-to-point independently of the original assembly. In part I guess it depends on what cables you need to change, and if you're using the original Subaru part, or something made up.
Incidentally, there are posts where the positive cable to the starter, and the negative cable to the engine ground are reported to have been replaced separately, but they're probably not in a DIY forum, or format. Try our new Category View for Detailed topics segregated by their topic.Now it's even easier to find the information you need. You can also receive our Detailed Auto Topics, delivered to your computer, as soon as they are written. It might be similar to building a motor to drop into an XJ that would be used solely as a daily commuter.
Replacing battery cables can be very easy or quite challenging depending on the vehicle needing new cables. Before replacing battery cables on a vehicle, be sure to wear safety glasses and protective gloves. Once the negative cable has been removed, then the positive cable can be removed using the same procedure. If any of these procedures appear to be beyond the capabilities of the vehicle owner or driver, then replacing battery cables should be performed by a professionalor ASE Master Certified mechanic. In the next article what to do when original cables are no longer available or are part of the engine compartment or engine harness will be discussed.
Clayton OtterstetterPhoenix Auto Repair ExaminerASE Master Certified Mechanic the past twenty years with over forty years experience, specializing in electrical, electronic, and engine performance, Clayton Otterstetter has automotive teaching and management experience.
Chevy's 2016 Suburban SUV is three vehicles in oneWatch most any federal motorcade and you’re bound to see a line of Chevrolet Suburban SUVs. Remember that your car may have been serviced before and had parts replaced with different size fasteners used in the replacement.
Protect your eyes, hands and body from fluids, dust and debris while working on your vehicle.

Our vehicle may vary slightly from yours as models do change and evolve, as they grow older. Charging battery: You can connect a battery charger directly to the battery under the hood at the positive (+) (red arrow) and negative (-) (green arrow) terminals. Replacing battery: Using a ratchet and a 10mm socket, loosen the negative (-) battery cable (red arrow).
Replacing battery: Move the negative (-) cable aside (green arrow) and cover it so it does not accidentally come in contact with the battery terminal. Replacing battery: Release the mounting clip at the front right corner of the battery (red arrow). Replacing battery: Move the battery toward the right side of the vehicle to free it from the mount (green arrow).
The Outback takes a few seconds to start in the cold weather (anything below 20 F, but temp's here hit -50 F a few weeks back) and I looked at the battery and was surprised to see it was manufactured in 03. The shady mechanic I bought my Legacy from claimed that he had put a new engine in it, so I'll have to look up what engine it is if there would be a lot of incompatibility there.
Fine, tinned stranding, very flexible and as previously posted has a very good insulating jacket. Yep, you can build a motor with all the neat bells and whistles as well as all the performance goodies or just build a strong stock motor.
The vehicle would have to be taken to a repair shop that employs these types of mechanics such as A & M Alternator Services located at 2419 E. A lead acid battery is a storage battery with an active material of lead and lead peroxide and with an electrolyte solution of water and sulfuric acid. The sizes of the nuts and bolts we give may be different from what you have so be prepared with different size sockets and wrenches. Be sure the end of the battery (red arrow) is fully seated below the tab (green arrow), as shown by yellow arrow. Line up the ridge on the clip (red arrow) with the closest slot on the battery tray to the battery (green arrow). Join us in our Technical Forum Message Board and ask a question to one of our many automotive experts. I've never had a battery last that long, so I figured it was long overdue for a replacement.
I assume you have a battery blanket and an engine heater installed for the cold winter months.
Both will do the job well and there's nothing wrong with building a top shelf motor but it wouldn't be cost effective. You will have to move cables around and keep them out of the way as you remove the battery from the vehicle.
I was struck by how much nicer looking they were than the cables in my Outback, they look more like the cables I've seen in pictures of other Subaru's.
I'd love being able to avoid taking it to a shop or buying a lot of parts (money is pretty tight), but I like this car and I'd like things to be done right.
Each cell consists of lead plates in a lattice and completely covered with sulphuric acid (the electrolyte).

Before disconnecting your battery, remove the key from the vehicle and store it in a safe place and note the radio presets. Jump Starting vehicle: A vehicle with a discharged battery can be jumpstarted using a good battery or a good battery in another vehicle. If a bad engine ground cable is incapable of transmitting this current, it must find another way back to ground.
The chemical reaction between lead and sulphuric acid produces a nominal 2 volts per cell; the six-cells together provide the approximately 12 volts required to operate electrical and electronic components in the vehicle. When the battery is reconnected or loses its charge, the following items may need attention (depending on vehicle equipment). This is called a transient ground, electricity flowing through components other than the battery cables.The engine sits on rubber mounts which cannot conduct current. After the battery is used to start the engine, the alternator (powered via the engine accessory belt) takes over electrical generation and also replenishes the charge that the battery used in starting the engine.
You may have to reset your clock, enter the radio presets, initialize power windows, initialize the sunroof and normalize the steering angle sensor.
Instead it can flow through the engine block, into the transmission and out to the suspension through the drive axles to the body ground.
These parts are not designed to conduct electricity and can quickly be damaged by the flow.Another problem is flow through the engine coolant to the radiator and heater core. This auxiliary power source will help prevent loss of memory in the power control module (PCM) body control module (BCM), security system and radio pre-sets. Connect one end of the negative (-) cable to the negative (-) battery terminal of the vehicle with the good battery. Connect the other end of the negative (-) jumper cable to the negative (-) battery terminal (green arrow) of the vehicle with the discharged battery. Loss of adaptive learn can also result in poor idling and transmission shifting concerns.Next the old corroded end is removed and insulation is stripped back from the wire ends. The wires needs to be closely inspected for acid damage.  Often acid will wick up the cables inside of the insulation.
When this happens the cables are damaged and must be replaced to a point beyond where the corrosion exist. If needed a new section of cable can often be spliced into the old cable to replace the damaged section. Once the vehicle with the discharged vehicle starts, shut OFF any electrical accessories, radio, HVAC blower, etc.
This type of joint is exactly the same as the factory cables that come with the vehicle.Other than lower cost, such a tool allows additional grounds to be added if needed.
It also allows for better than original terminals or special terminals to meet specific needs. Larger than stock wire can also be added if found to be needed.Once crimped, the heat shrink is slid into place and shrunk to seal the connection. AGCO stocks cable and terminals for all applications and can even build custom cables for you.

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