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This Macbook Pro A1281 rechargeable battery is a replacement for the original Macbook Pro A1281 laptop computer batteries.Our Macbook Pro A1281 battery, made with the finest cells, are 100% compatible with the Manufacturer Part and will even meet or exceed OEM requirements. 2.Our A1281 laptop battery price is moderate, all the indicators are full compliance with original standards, targeted at medium-priced high quality products and the largest mid-range laptop battery consumers. 3.Our A1281 battery replacement is the first brand with clear quality assurance provisions of laptop battery on network, the after-sale system is perfect and the provisions expressly in the sales website.

The new A1281 battery adopts Li-ion technology, which ensures maximum battery life and maximum battery performance.
Three way distribution: quickly converts your battery post so you can easily connect 3 cables to your battery. Furthermore, all A1281 batteries for Sony notebook have the built-in auto-rehabilitation function, which can fully charge and discharge the battery to correct the error message.

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