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DigiTimes, the hit and miss Taiwanese trade publication, is reporting this morning that Apple is moving from labor-intensive iPhone battery production to fully automated production lines in 2014. With automated production lines, Apple will be able to move manufacturing to wherever it likes; however, since most of its other component supply partners are still located in China, the US-based vendor is unlikely to make any significant moves in the short term, the sources added.
Apple and other vendors are said to face labor shortages and high turnover rates because young people are increasingly unwilling to take manufacturing jobs due to low wages and very long hours.
The news is interesting in light of Foxconn’s ongoing efforts to replace workers with about a million robots to take over some of the labor-intensive assembly work. The three-year initiative, however, has hit roadblocks due to high costs: each robot costs an estimated $20,000-$25,000 to produce.
These machines would run Google’s upcoming robotic operating system for manufacturers and the two firms are said to have been collaborating since 2014 to carry out Google’s vision for robotics in manufacturing.
The end product to the consumers might be perfectly fine but wastages in the production lines would increase.

Currently the iDevices displays comes from LG, Samsung, Sharp and AU Optronics, with the latest 2 started to fall from the supply chain. Talk about an inconvenient truth: right around the 12-month mark, your iPhone battery will start to wear out.
Finally, armed with a desktop magnifier (an essential tool for someone with aging eyes), I removed the two pentalobe screws from the bottom of my iPhone, slid off the backplate, then removed the two screws holding down the battery connector. Whatever they don’t do for the next iPhone, they will most likely do for the refresh. You'll notice that it doesn't last quite so long between charges, a problem that just gets worse as more time passes. It was fortunate I'd watched the how-to videos, otherwise I'd never have known what to do with the tiny little bracket that popped loose from I-wasn't-sure-where.From there it was a simple matter to pry out the old battery, drop in the new one, and put everything back together. Maybe not at the bottom, on the factory floors, but higher up the chain, they have some damn smart & highly skilled people.

With our 5c replacement, not only will you resolve any issues with your current iPhone battery, but you will also extend the life of your device while saving money at the same time.
By 18 months or two years, you'll be lucky to get half a day of run time.Apple famously (make that infamously) engineers iPhones without a battery door, so you can't just swap in a new power pack. Much to my relief, my 4S immediately returned to life, and battery life is, as expected, much improved.You could always hire a service to install a new battery for you, but that usually involves shipping your iPhone, waiting at least a few days to get it back, and paying around $40.
This High Capacity Battery Replacement for your iPhone 5c will make sure your phone is properly holding a charge and increase your usage without a bulky power case. I'm not sure about the iPhone 5, but most folks are at least eight months away from having to worry about that.

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