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This is replacement charger will work for the majority of 6V ride on toy cars that use a single-barrel type connector. The extreme temperatures we experience in summer can completely destroy your vehicle’s battery. Always replace your battery with one that is rated equal to or higher than the one originally specified. Now that we are experiencing warmer temperatures, now is the perfect time to bring your vehicle in for a battery test to see if it needs replacing.

It is important to regularly have your car batteries tested and replaced, if necessary, to avoid being stranded on the side of the road with a vehicle that won’t run. This happens because heat causes battery fluid to evaporate, which then damages the entire internal structure of the battery. Hot summer heat is already hard enough on your battery without it getting any help from a malfunctioning electrical system.
This is recommended to be done on a yearly basis, but the best time to take care of a problem is before it’s needed, not after.

Save yourself the hassle of waiting until your car breaks down and be preventative about it. When the voltage regulator malfunctions in the charging system, it starts to allow too high of a charging rate which eventually will destroy the battery.

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