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Bear in mind that soldering to lithium batteries isn’t the safest of things you will ever do. If there are no terminals, solder the wires onto small pieces of broken paperclip coils wound into mini single-turn springs, place these springs on each side of the battery, ensuring they don’t touch or short out the battery, and tape around the battery tightly. Make sure you solder or tape the right way round: Red to the + terminal and black to the -.
Most important thing to be kept in mind when working with soldering iron is not to touch the tip of the iron as it is extremely hot.
I’ve observed that on-line training is getting common because attaining your college degree online has turned right into a well-liked selection for many people. Other laptops would work but mine is 100% solid state, tiny and still something that you can know almost everything about. Every laptop is made slightly differently so you will have to get directions from the manufacturer on how to access the motherboard. 3) Remove the eight large screws around the edge and three small screws in the battery cavity. Despite owning an iPad and them apparently being all the craze, I still prefer being productive on my eeePC. Release the top shell by sliding your plastic tool or a small flat-head screwdriver between the two shell halves along the front. The battery is on the lower left-hand corner of the mainboard, probably peeping out from behind a wireless module that is taped to the top of the board, just below the big fan.
The backup battery is hiding on the lower left of the netbook (top of this photo, to the left of the fan).

Snip off the black and red wires as close to the battery as possible, and strip and carefully solder them onto the terminal clips of your new battery. Lithium batteries aren’t all that friendly, and can catch fire or explode very violently.
As the metal of the pliers acts as a much larger heat reservoir than the battery, a lot of the heat will travel into the pliers rather than into the battery. Once soldered or taped, use electrical tape to wrap the battery and terminals, so that no metal parts are exposed.
Many people have not really had a possible opportunity to attend a conventional college or university nonetheless look for the raised earning potential and career advancement that a Bachelor Degree offers you. I was writing a specialized GPS program that was collecting data and found a logical bug with the code that I could fix on the spot. The laptop manual will probably include directions for how to do this and how to replace the CMOS battery.
The battery is wrapped in dark green heatshrink plastic, and clips to the mainboard using a white connector. Then use small needle-nosed pliers to carefully unplug the white plastic plug connecting the battery. If your battery doesn’t have terminals pre-welded to it, if you are cack-handed or only have a cheap non-temperature controlled iron, skip soldering and just use electrical tape.
Also, solder quickly, wear eye protection, keep your head back and flammable materials away, and use an aforementioned decent temperature-controlled soldering iron. Be careful when re-seating the ribbon cables — wiggle them left and right to seat them as far as possible before re-engaging the clips with your other hand.

Before you put solder over the required area, heat up the surface to be soldered by touching the tip of the hot iron. Nonetheless people might possess a degree in 1 program but would wish to pursue anything they already have an curiosity in.
Extremely helpful info specifically the last component I care for this kind of information much. If you can get one with metal contacts pre-soldered to the battery, it will make your life easier.
Gently use a small flat-head screwdriver to flip open the black latch holding the cable to the mainboard, release the cable and remove the keyboard.
You only need to go along the front… The entire top half will separate once the clips are released.
Just be sure to clean the battery thorough and fasten the wire well enough to ensure it won’t move and potentially short out the battery, causing another potentially amusing fire at a later date.
Use a small plastic spudger tool or (gently) use a small flat-head screwdriver and slide it along the top gap between the keyboard and the body.
Once the screws are removed, gently release the touchpad ribbon cable before going any further. Again, a small flat-head screwdriver prying on each side of the black clip will release it.

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