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Hey Pretty Handy Girl readers, I’m stepping up to the podium today to prove to you that I can do more than just wrap presents around here. There comes a time in every car owner’s life when you get stuck and your car is difficult to start.
You can purchase a new car battery at your local auto parts store or discount stores like Costco. Ok, seriously she made me write that last part.A  Pop the hood of your car and prop it open. The battery should no longer be connected to the car at this point.A Look closely, does your car battery have a protective cover surrounding it?
At this point, you will want to use the wire brush to clean off any corrosion from the battery terminal clamps. Gently set the new battery into the car.A A  You can spray a little anti-corrosion spray on the battery posts if you like.
Re-attach the mounting bracket by hooking the rod back onto the stand and then attach the bolt to the front. Did Brittany ever tell you about the time that I changed the oil on my car when we were dating? In addition to changing your oil, replacing air filters and other general service tasks, taking care of your car’s battery is one of the most effective ways to ensure your car runs smoothly and without any problems.
Flat or damaged batteries are one of the top causes for roadside assistance calls, and a huge amount of breakdowns occur because of batteries that are simply too old for the job they’re performing. In this guide, we’ll break down the facts regarding your car’s battery and help you determine when it’s time to choose a replacement.
Although batteries can last for five years or more when properly cared for, most car batteries will become worn down and inefficient within three years of everyday use in normal conditions.
Just like your computer or smartphone’s battery becomes less efficient with every charge, your car’s battery gradually deteriorates every time it’s charged up by the vehicle’s engine. Even a car with a highly defective battery will function properly once it’s running, since much of the charge for the battery will come from the engine. As a general rule, the more sophisticated your car’s on-board computers are, the bigger the strain on its battery. These computers can draw energy from your car’s battery at a slow, steady rate, wearing it down over time. If you use your car infrequently, avoid letting its battery become drained by on-board computer systems by taking it for a short drive – around the block once or twice will do – to recharge its battery every week or two.
The next time you take your car into the garage for a routine service, make sure to ask for its battery to be checked.
Testing a battery is easy, and every reputable garage or repair shop will have its own set of electronic testers on hand to test yours.
If your battery is showing signs of wear and hasn’t been replaced in two or three years, don’t take any risks. If your car has stop-start technology and you’re replacing its battery yourself, make sure you purchase a suitable replacement.
By the way, if you’re replacing your battery yourself – which is quite simple on many cars – it’s important that you dispose of it safely.
Just like driving aggressively will wear down your vehicle’s tyres and brakes, driving without thinking about your battery will reduce its lifespan. Changing your car’s battery every 2-3 years will keep it running at its best and help you avoid embarrassing roadside or car park breakdowns. Get a Used Car Warranty Quote Today!Get an instant quote online by entering your car registration number above.
Now, before you rush at the poor battery with your combination wrench or socket and ratchet, a few words of advice.
If you are installing a new battery, all you have to do with the old one is to take it to an authorized center for recycling. After all of this is done, it's now time to put the new battery or the old, albeit recharged, battery back into place. A nice finishing touch would be to smear special grease over the terminals to prevent future corrosion. For many people, the inside of the hood of a vehicle can seem like a confusing mess of mechanical pieces that they will never understand.
CA (Cranking Amps) – How much power is needed (tested at 32 degrees Fahrenheit) for the battery to stay above 7.2 volts for thirty second time. RC (Reserve Capacity) – How many minutes your car battery can power electronic components in the car if the alternator were to fail.

Look for those three items on the label of your old battery and take that information with you when you go to purchase a new car battery.
This entry was posted by Simi Afroza Mira on at , and is filed under Car Batteries, Car Battery. Everybody loves their cars, and most people just want their cars to be well looked after and loved.
So, if you’re vacationing in New York and looking for car rental deals, you need look no further than Brooklyn. After a certain point of time, even the human body breaks down, as in - gets affected by diseases.
Accident is a term that a large proportion of car drivers experience at least once in their lifetime.
Almost all the new car batteries come with a warranty period, the time within which you can get it replaced, or at least repaired, by the manufacturer, if any defect or damage occurs. But, when your wife is waving a camera in your face and telling you to stop and hold that pose, it can take considerably longer. You might need to put the adjustable wrench on one side to secure the nut head while turning with the socket wrench on the opposite side. One day it’s about home decor, building something, planting something, car repair etc.
Most of us judge a car based on its engine capacity, its fuel efficiency, its size or the level of comfort it offers. As one of the most important parts of any modern vehicle, your car’s battery manages a massive range of tasks and devices, from starting the engine to powering in-car computers. We’ll also share car-specific tips to help you get the most from your vehicle’s battery and extend its lifespan.
This makes the best time to test your car’s battery shortly after you switch your vehicle on. However, features that have significant power demands that are powered by the battery, like headlights, may not function as well as they should. A completely broken battery is even easier to spot: when you turn the key in the ignition or push your car’s ignition switch, it won’t start at all. Many new cars have powerful computers that are operating all the time, even when the vehicle itself is parked and switched off.
Although the charge each computer draws is tiny, the aggregate effect can drain your car’s battery when it sits unused for a long time.
Battery wear isn’t always steady – your vehicle’s battery could go from 90% performance to 20% over the course of a few months. Regular tests can reveal when your battery needs to be replaced and help you avoid embarrassing breakdowns. Car batteries are inexpensive, and the small cost of a replacement is worth it to avoid the stress of a roadside breakdown. Cars with engines that are designed to automatically switch off when at a standstill place a greater strain on their batteries than standard vehicles, and often need to use a special battery. Your nearest automotive shop will stock a battery designed to accommodate your vehicle’s extra needs. Find your nearest hazardous waste disposal service and never throw your car battery out with the rest of your rubbish. If you take good care of your battery, you’ll be able to get far more life out of it than usual. Whether your car works as new or its lights and other electronic devices are starting to show signs of age, there is no bad time to check your battery’s condition. Make sure to stay tuned to the Warrantywise blog, Facebook and Twitter for more great content throughout 2015! Most of today’s drivers have never tinkered with such a thing and they usually go to an auto service center for such problems.
Regardless of your car-related knowledge, you should have no trouble recognizing the acid-based device. If, however, you are planning a thorough recharge process, you can take the opportunity and clean the terminals with a wire brush. I have heard it is risky connecting a charger to battery while connected to car and to remove battery the BSI computer must be let go into sleep mode before disconnecting the battery, must not touch anything on car and leave car with drivers window open before letting it go to sleep, replace battery then wait a few minutes, there is then a sequence to go through before opening door, sequence includes testing of lights and such by reaching switches through open window on drivers door, failure to do this it is claimed can damage cars computers.
Despite having a lack of knowledge about cars, there are certain tasks that anyone can do on their own with some simple guidance.
The new battery will need to have the same information on the label regarding battery group, reserve capacity, and cold-cranking amp.

Car batteries are available at not only auto body shops, but chain retail locations such as Walmart and Meijer. Without a battery, your car will not even start; forget about taking you to your destined destination.
If you are planning to shift from a place with temperate climate to the one that is subject to extreme weather conditions, it is advisable to change you car battery and buy a battery more suitable to the future weather conditions. After the end of the warranty period, the onus as well as expenditure for repairs falls on the buyer i.e. Brittany’s car battery had been showing signs of weakness, but it was hanging in there. Cool showing off my mad shade tree mechanic skills I started up the car and asked her to look for any leaks.
You might do that as well, but in some desperate cases, let’s say your battery goes dead in some remote location and you somehow manage to get a car battery recharger, a do-it-yourself approach could be necessary. It’s a fairly big box with two metallic connectors, one of which is most likely covered by a plastic cap. So, after placing the battery in its place and securing it, first attach the positive cable and then the negative one. The next time you need to replace your car battery, do it yourself by learning how to replace car battery.
It has been estimated that if you indulge in proper care and maintenance, your car will run for at least 100,000 miles, if not more. Though a dead battery can often be charged by a power boost from jumper cables, there is a limit to the recharging as well.
In case your battery has been damaged, or otherwise compromised, in an accident, it is advisable to replace it almost immediately. When she took it to the dealer for a recall issue, the mechanic wanted to charge her $$$ to change the battery. Any and all Warranty Plan confirmation including Warranty Plan Documents and Application Forms will be issued upon purchase.
If your experience with cars only implies driving and refilling the windshield liquid container, the very idea of touching the battery might send shivers down your spine. However, by this time, your car battery will not be the one that came along with the automobile, at the time of purchase. In normal conditions, a battery with a low number of 'cold cranking amps' will ensure that your car starts at the first go. So, if you battery has started showing signs of being worn out and has also gone past its warranty period, it is better to replace it. Being the frugal Handy Guy around here, I told them to forget it because she could do it herself.A  Somehow she convinced me to do it (must have been my extensive auto parts store work experience from high school). It is important that you read our information supplied and then make your own choice of warranty cover together with any plan additions that you may need as a vehicle owner who demands to ensure that your vehicle warranty requirements are met now and in the foreseeable future.
The reason for this is the fact that battery has a much lower shelf life, as compared to a car, and needs to be replaced at some point in every car's lifetime. However, as you go to a place where winters are extremely cold, you would require a battery with a minimum rating of 600 'cold cranking amps'.
When your battery becomes dead on a frequent basis, needing a power boost, or does not hold a charge, it means that it has become extremely weak and it is better to replace it as soon as possible.
This is because cracks can cause dangerous leaking of sulphuric acid or other chemicals from the battery, which can prove to be very harmful for the car as well as its users. It makes financial sense to invest in a new battery, rather than paying for repairs on an old one, every now and then. Terms & Conditions apply provided by Warranty Wise and also available to view here warranty plan terms Tel 0800 169 7880. Also, if you notice any severe leakage and corrosion signs, it would be wise to turn to a professional to get the job done. Because that cable is connected to the car body and if you go for the positive one first and accidentally touch any metal part with the metallic tool you will short circuit the battery (not to mention causing a shower of sparks).
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