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The Polar FT2 is great for those after a heart rate monitor to improve their fitness, with automatic age-based heart rate target zone to help you set realistic targets and achieve your goals. We aim to offer competitive prices, however if you find products cheaper elsewhere we will match the price. Polar is known for its tough GPS-enabled running watches, but lately, it’s moving into the smartwatch market. The M400 not only tracks your pace and the distance you’ve covered while running, it also works as a 24-hour fitness tracker that counts your steps, calories burned, and how long you slept. Since the Polar M400 has Bluetooth connectivity, it can sync up with your phone or tablet to give you more detailed statistics and analysis of your performance. Polar says the battery will last for 9 hours if you’re using the GPS, but when the GPS is turned off, you can get as much as 24 days of battery life. But I recently became frustrated with the heart rate monitor transmitter (the chest strap) increasingly not sending its signal to the monitor (the watch). Following these steps will ensure your Polar heart rate monitor works (and smells!) as good as the day you bought it. About Mark IocchelliAlso known as the "Running Blogfather", I'm a 40-something marathoner who has beaten stress fractures and terrible shin splints. I recently ( a few months ago) started heart rate training with the NEW LEAF program and have all my workouts in my watch which has been AWESOME, as had the watch, until I started washing the strap.

PS I have worn the watches and transmitter for hours around the house without exercising, even without moistening the transmitter pads, and it works fine.
I don't use any of the logging features on the heart rate monitor, but it was easy to set my zones.
With a large display and summary of your latest workout the FT2 is a great addition to improving your fitness.
The Polar M400 smarwatch is essentially a running watch with GPS that can also sync up with your smartphone or tablet to display your activity statistics and fitness data.
The smartwatch will also send you customized goals for training, estimates of how you’ll perform in your next race, suggestions for improvement, and tell you how to navigate back to your starting point if you get lost running in remote locations. You’ll also see more in-depth suggestions on what to do to optimize your next workout.
If you want to monitor your hart rate too, you can buy the H7 HRM chest strap, which pairs with the watch for $50 more. I also enjoy taking photographs, have a beautiful (and very patient!) wife, and am the proud father of two crazy kids.
I was so irritated with my HRM yesterday and paying special attention to the connectors totally helped!! That one lasted ~10+ years of marathon training, before the battery went bad and rusted in there after a couple of years of negligence.

Readings show my heart slowing down to the 30's or stopping period repeatedly during a workout.
We can make batteries better, stronger, faster LG Chem, the chemicals arm of the giant LG conglomerate, has revealed a hexagonal battery for smart watches. I recently sent it in to POLAR and am awaiting its return , but in the meantime, I am reduced to simply knowing aproximately where my heart rate is, and it is very frustrating.
Unlike most smartwatches, it doesn’t try to replace your smartphone, but acts more like a very intelligent fitness tracker. When exercising to recover from a massive heart attack, this is absolutely not the performance I am looking for. Bought because of the reviews, but it has utterly failed to live up to the quality a Polar product is reputed to have, and actually money wasted. I just got a second heart rate monitor with one of those fabric straps (it came with my new bike computer), and I much prefer the formed strap that came with this one. I actually came to see if this heart rate monitor is ANT+ compatible, because I prefer it more than my new fabric strap one.

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