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Despite the iPod touch being one of the finest devices ever conceived by mankind, the sad truth is one day your beloved iPod will die. If you own a first generation (1G) iPod touch - released back at the end of 2007 – then it's likely its battery is on the way out. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more!
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Received a free iPod Touch from a friend because he dropped it in water and bought a new one, thanksfully the only thing wrong with it is the battery wouldn't take a charge, installed this in no time (Experienced in soldering) put the iPod back together and it's working great, and at such a good price I couldn't be any more satisfied.
It could be a simple blunt trauma to the face or old-age gnawing at its lithium-ion polymer power cell, but either way the Grim Reaper is going to get it.

Generally after 500 charge cycles a Li-pol battery's actual capacity is less than 80 percent of its original, or worse depending on how it has been treated.
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If you also don't mind wrestling open tightly sealed cases and are good with tools, then yes.
The hardest part is initially opening the iPod itself - it's well built and tricky to open. We've done it and we're human, so with our guide you should be able to as well.Be aware this will void any warranty. Take the pry tool and insert it between the metal back and the chassis above the dock connector.

Insert the small flathead screwdriver into this gap and gently pry along until there's an audible click.
Be careful, there are two ribbon cables underneath it, we've displayed these on the image, so avoid these areas.
However we're going to continue taking the iPod touch apart, in case you want to replace the screen or have problems removing the battery.

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