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Published 07:00 AM, Tue March 22, 2016View Comments WHY WON’T MY CAR BATTERY HOLD A CHARGE? Knowing how to jumpstart a car battery is a good skill to have—but what happens when it’s not enough? If you are having trouble with your Iphone, Ipad, Itouch, Ipod, Iphone Repair Depot ( IRP) can help!
Most of the time when your car won’t start, you assume it’s because there is a problem with the battery.
Perform the following tests to find out: The first thing to do is try to turn on your headlights. If they come on with their normal brightness, your problem is probably a bad starter or poor wiring—not the battery. If the lights do not come on at all, or if they’re dimmer than normal, then the problem is more likely with the battery.To test the voltage of your battery, get a voltmeter and connect the red lead to the positive terminal, the black lead to the negative terminal. After you paid for order, You need to print out order Invoice and send along with your cell phone to address below.
A battery discharging for no apparent reason while the vehicle is parked can be caused by an intermittent draw, such as a module waking up, or a continuous draw, such as a dome light or stuck relay. Some systems and modules such as OnStar®, and regulated voltage control (RVC), if equipped, are designed to wake-up, perform a task, and go back asleep at regular intervals.

If so, then the simplest solution may be to have the battery replaced.Something else to consider is that the problem is your alternator. If you detect cracking or fraying in the alternator cables, that’s an obvious sign that something’s off. Some systems and modules such as theft, or remote keyless entry (RKE) will wake up due to an outside input. And if you jump start the car only for the battery to quickly lose its charge and the engine to stall, that’s suggestive of an alternator issue.Even if you do believe you’ve discovered the exact problem, you’ll probably want to get an expert opinion.
Buying a new battery when the alternator is the real problem—or vice versa—will prove highly frustrating when you end up spending more money than necessary.
Refer to chart when testing the battery.The battery run down time will vary depending on cold cranking amperage (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC).
RC (60.5 AH) starting at 80 percent state of charge will last with a constant current draw until it reaches 50 percent state of charge. Damage will occur to the vehicle's electrical system.NoticeThe test switch must be in the ON position when removing the fuses in order to maintain continuity in the electrical system.
This avoids damaging the digital multimeter due to accidental overloading, such as a door being opened to change a fuse.ImportantThe switch knob on the J 38758 is marked ON and OFF. When the switch knob is in the ON position, the circuit is closed and electrical current will pass through the switch.

ImportantLeaving the key in the ignition on some vehicles may cause a parasitic drain that is above the recommended amount.
Then switch the digital multimeter down to the 2A scale for a more accurate reading when the J 38758 knob is turned OFF. This avoids damaging the digital multimeter due to accidental overloading, such as a door being opened to change a fuse.ImportantRemoving fuses, relays, and connectors to determine the failure area may wake up modules. You must wait for these modules to go to sleep or use the sleep function on the scan tool.When the vehicle has an unacceptable amount of parasitic current drain, remove each fuse one at a time until the current drain falls to an acceptable level. Refer to Power Distribution Schematics in Wiring Systems to diagnose exactly which part of the suspect circuit is causing the parasitic drain. In some cases a non-fused circuit or component, such as a relay, is the cause of excessive parasitic current drain.
Repeat the parasitic current drain test procedure after any repair has been completed to make sure that the parasitic current drain is at an acceptable level. When the cause of the excessive current drain has been located and repaired, remove the J 38758 .

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