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This battery cable repair kit provides all the needed items to repair or create, and seal your battery cable to terminal connections. Kit contains 90 pieces, 24 different items including a bottle of liquid flux to insure a good solder connection. This battery terminal repair procedure can often save a lot of money to get you up and running quickly in a pinch without replacing the battery.  It has proved handy many times during field repairs and house calls. This entry was posted in Maintenance Tips, Tutorials and tagged battery terminal, battery terminal repair, lead acid battery repair, melted battery terminal, terminal repair by Michael Williams.
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Trinh duy?t c?a b?n da t?t ch?c nang h? tr? JavaScript.Website ch? lam vi?c khi b?n b?t no tr? l?i.D? tham kh?o cach b?t JavaScript, hay click chu?t vao day! Battery Repair ?ng d?ng duy nh?t co kh? nang th?c hi?n quy trinh b?o tri va s?a ch?a pin di?n tho?i c?a cac b?n. The kit contains 90 pieces of 24 different items including liquid flux to insure a good solder connection. No matter how tight you get your connections, they will eventually loosen due to the expansion and contraction which occurs through use.  This looseness or corrosion causes resistance and a byproduct of electrical resistance is heat, which leads to melting. See example of lag screw and appropriately sized drill bit for this battery terminal repair.

Once you’ve drilled a ?” deep hole into the lead pad, you are ready to complete the repair.
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