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Photos courtesy SaffronArt Auctions India has long had an active collector car scene, and with that country’s growing economy and burgeoning middle class, we can only expect that collector car scene to grow larger and more intense over the coming years. Gotta love the speedo calibrated in kilometers, though it’s hard to imagine this baby coming anywhere near 125 mph. Being from the border region, I got used to seeing the differences between Canadian and American cars. The base model in the Canadian hierarchy was a Strato Chief, more akin to a Chevrolet Biscayne than to a U.S. Canada was the export center (centre!) for all of the Big 3, to British Commonwealth nations, owing to preferential tariffs afforded member countries. My first car was a 79 Laurentian, 305 2brl carp, Dark blue, powder blue interior, with dog dish caps. Busy with mine ,cant wait any more for the end result,I’m in South Africa and enjoy any inputs regarding this car,hope mine will look the same like this one from India. Just as we’ve changed the calendar from one year to another, many of us vowed to make changes in our health, our jobs, our families, our finances. Just like a new automobile elicits excitement with its ‘new-car’ smell, the thrill wears off when the payments come due. If you bought exercise equipment or workout tapes, or joined a gym, you might still be committed to the new you. Our relationship with God can be like that—a roller coaster of emotions beginning with the first time we committed ourselves to Him.
In Western Christianity, Ash Wednesday, which is February 10 this year, is the beginning of Lent, a season of preparation before Easter. Unfortunately most of us can’t afford to purchase a new car every couple of years, which is why we’ve decided to put together a short guide to help you make your old car feel like new again. First and foremost it’s important to remember that no matter how hard you work, you will never be able to make your car feel exactly as it once did, that’s simply impossible.
Although it might seem like a simple task, there’s much more to washing a car than meets the eye.
There are a number of things you can do to make the interior feel a little more luxurious and keep it feeling fresh for longer. Although the car’s appearance has a lot to do with the way it feels, the way it handles is also important. Although, you can do a lot to prevent damage from occurring, it’s simply impossible to keep your car in perfect condition over the years. It’s best to consult someone who knows what they’re doing before attempting to do something you haven’t done before just to ensure that your vehicle isn’t going to get damaged in the process. Enter your email address to subscribe to our car advice and receive notifications of new posts by email.
1952 Pontiac RHD Silver Streak I just can’t get enough of these right-hand drive classics from Australia.
AM General (or was it Grumman?) made RHD postal vehicles out of Jeep bits & pieces well up into the 80s, does that count?
I think I’d keep it Ford and use a 1600 Kent engine and gearbox, but the McPherson struts might be difficult to find locations for at the top, so the Midget front suspension sounds good. I’ve always been led to believe that the RHD American cars that were exported to Australia came from Canadian plants, since there were still Commonwealth-preferential trade arrangements in place.
Almost all 40s – 50s American cars in Australia were assembled there, from many Canadian parts, though some models were nearly all local parts. Subaru offers the Outback in mail carrier package with RHD, not sure where they are assembled. We love this jelly flower lipstick!We’re obsessed with these Kailijumei jelly lipsticks that contain real flowers! To help make that decision less nerve-wracking, we lay down the key considerations involved. Renew COE Premium or PQP, which is the moving average of COE prices in the last three months. You can renew for five or 10 years: For five years, you pay 50 per cent of the current PQP, but will have to scrap your car once the term is up. Buy a new car Pay the 30 to 40 per cent of the car price as a down payment and get a loan for the balance over a maximum of seven years. The loan amount you can get depends on the car’s Open Market Value (OMV), which is assigned to all new cars by Singapore Customs.
If you are buying a car with an OMV of $20,000 and below, you can borrow up to 70 per cent of the car price. 2) Your Car MaintenanceRenew COE Servicing costs depend on how well you’ve maintained your car over the past decade, and takes into account the fact that most vehicles will require parts replacement and minor repairs to ensure they run smoothly. Buy a car New cars are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, typically for the first three years or 100,000km travelled.
For a car over 10 years old, you pay an additional 10 per cent in road tax every year from the 10th to 14th year.
Buy a car For used cars under 10 years old and new cars, there is a full range of insurance, from Comprehensive to Third Party, Fire and Theft, and Third Party Only insurance.
Generally, depreciation (or the drop in value of an asset over time) will be lowest for a COE-renewed car as opposed to a new or used car. Renew COE Be prepared to forfeit the Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF) rebate, or scrap value of your car, when you renew your COE.
Buy a car If you deregister your current car to buy a new or used one, you can use the PARF rebate to offset the price of the next vehicle.  You are also entitled to a COE rebate if you deregister your current car before it hits the 10-year mark.
As you may have heard, Apple has a new robot named Liam, and he can take apart more than 1.2 million iPhones every year. When an iPhone is sent to Apple, the Renew team will do one of two things: “make sure it’s recycled responsibly” if it’s in too bad of shape to reuse, or they’ll feed it on through to Liam for harvesting. If you don’t live near an Apple Store, you can instead head over to Apple’s “Recycling” website and choose your device (Apple will also accept old iPods, Macs, and other gadgets). German engineering organization VDE has released a comprehensive study on the “second life” of car batteries for grid-attached power storage.
In a new study (in German), the VDE points out that discarded car batteries still have a residual capacity of 80 percent and would only cost 50 percent as much as new batteries.

Interestingly, although Germany has some 44 million vehicles on the road, all of them with at least one battery, the study focuses on the potential of batteries from electric vehicles and hybrids.
One important thing to keep in mind here is that these batteries will not be constantly discharged down to their minimum and fully charged again.
That’s why it surprises us that until now, nobody has ever sold a collector car online in India.
That blue cable running from the battery to the engine doesn’t look like it would hold up to much engine shake – maybe it supplements the motor mounts! The latest and greatest gadgets we unwrapped under the Christmas tree last month failed to hold our interest as even newer technology appeared. Statistics reveal that the second week of January is almost always the busiest of the year for gyms. I’m always amazed when I find items almost brand new and some even sporting the original price tags.
The 40 days of Lent is a time when many Christians observe a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline with the purpose of setting aside time for reflection on Jesus Christ, His suffering, His sacrifice, His life, death, burial and resurrection. You can however make slight improvements to make your car a little more pleasant, especially if you’re in a position where you can’t purchase a new vehicle at the moment. To ensure that you are doing it right and using the correct products read the vehicle’s manual beforehand and familiarise yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions. There are brands out there that sell “new car” scented car fresheners so you can try to re-live your car’s glory days.
A steering wheel cover is a great way of protecting the steering wheel and adding a little personality to your vehicle. Most cars these days use the latest technologies meaning that a car that’s 2 years old will most likely have an outdated sound system for example.
If your car has become sluggish over the years, now is the time to get it back to its original condition. Not only will this make your driving experience a lot smoother but it will also improve the vehicle’s safety, which is the single most important feature of any vehicle. Tyre maintenance doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive, which is what a lot of people seem to think.
It’s always best to prevent an issue before it becomes a problem, it’s also much cheaper, however we realise that things happen that are out of our control. We received these photos via email this week from classic car enthusiast Rhonda Martinez who also provided us with some photos of the classic car show in Castlemaine last year.
They now disavow any knowledge of them as the postal jeep inventory is all basically obsolete. The Prefect had a 94 inch wheelbase and was a typically European sized family car, the Pilot had 108 inch wheelbase and was based upon the 1937 V-8 model 62 but fitted with the 3622 cc V-8, not the smaller version used over here for a time to beat the horsepower tax.
The History of Holden Since 1917 by Norman Darwin lists 420 CHEVROLET Mercury Business and conventional-bodied Coupes assembled in 1935. You’ve also got a problem with back axle location, unless you can fabricate an A-frame to replace the torque tube.
There’s still a market for them, which has given rise to specialists who buy, refurb and sell used models. Your trusty family ride is nearing its 10-year mark, which can only mean one thing – do you renew the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) for another five or 10 years, or scrap it and enter the market for a used or new car?
The PQP for Category A cars (up to 1,600cc and 130bhp) ranged between $56,633 (Jan) and $45,578 (May). For Category B cars (above 1,600cc or 130bhp), the range was between $58,615 (Jan) and $46,048 (May).
For 10, you pay the full PQP and, at the end of the term, can either deregister your vehicle or extend the COE for another 10 years. If renewal is done before the current COE expiry month, the PQP payable will be the rate at the time of the renewal. • If you don’t renew your COE by the time it expires (or up to one month after), your vehicle will automatically be deregistered.
However, some authorised car dealers, like Honda, are offering a five-year unlimited mileage warranty. Liam is working as part of Apple’s newly announced recycling program “Renew,” dismantling customers’ old iPhones to extract the useable materials inside. Liam will open the phone step-by-step and remove each component, each of which can then be used for a different project. Gold and copper, silver, platinum, and more are all recycled “because some things can’t be replaced.” The first step to using Renew is wiping the data from your device. Batteries from different manufacturers – even using basically the same technology – age differently, and combining them in one storage system is not trivial. Most of the studies investigated in the overview of current literature reveal that Germany is unlikely to reach its goal of 1 million electric cars on the road by 2020, but the situation may look considerably different in 2030. Rather, with ancillary services, we are talking about short phases of small charging and discharging – see my previous article on grid-connected battery storage systems from Younicos. By that time it, the battery has reached 80 percent of its original capacity (marked by a gray X in the chart).
The largest number (in terms of tonnage) was from UPS systems (uninterruptible power supply – USV in the German). Also we need car and stationary storage batteries that can be restored with minimal waste so the innards are replaced and the casing retained.
I know there’s a revival of interest in battery powered railcars going on in Britain at present, Does Germany already have these in operation?. And as you mention , very surprising that a collector car hasn’t been sold online there before now. However, by the second week of February, only 20 percent of new enrollees remain, according to Fitness Coach Darren Beattie, citing a Wall Street Journal article.
I shake my head, grab a bargain and wonder why someone would get rid of a perfectly good blouse or other piece of clothing never worn. Everything is clean and fresh, which make hesitate each time you start the vehicle because you want to keep in that condition for as long as possible. If you want your car to feel even slightly like it once did, you’ll want to properly clean it. Ideally, you don’t want your vehicle to be near any trees whilst you’re washing it because all the leaves and dirt will make your car filthy again before you’re even finished.

Waxing your vehicle for example, might seem like a simple task but if you don’t follow the instructions from the manufacturer you can damage your car and leave stains all over it. You can get a new sound system rather cheap these day so if you have some spare cash, why not treat yourself to a brand new sound system. Check your wipers at least once every six months and if you notice that anything’s off, replace them.
As long as you carry out regular checks and prevent any issues before they become a problem you should be fine. Keep the battery fully charged and don’t forget to secure it so that it doesn’t damage any other parts of the engine. Browse through numerous guides that we have put together to make life easier for car owners out there and if you enjoyed reading this article don’t forget to share it with your friends. For instance, if you were paying $742 for a Toyota Corolla Altis, your road tax in the 10th year would be $816, and $1,113 from the 14th year onwards.
The only rebate a COE-renewed car is entitled to is the balance of the COE – provided it is scrapped before the end of its term.
Any Apple customer can participate in Renew as a way to recycle their old iPhone: there are two ways to get started. After you do that, Apple says the easiest method is simply taking the item to an Apple Store and dropping it off. This is just a small part of Apple's larger sustainability effort, of course -- the company has largely moved onto renewable energy, and is working to increase the number of sustainably-managed forests. The aging processes would therefore need to be carefully tested so that second-life batteries with roughly the same performance could be grouped together.
As of August 2015, only 6,456 fully electric cars were on the road in Germany along with 6,493 plug-in hybrids.
Nonetheless, the study focuses on the lithium batteries used in electric vehicles; apparently, the potential of lead batteries for second-life usage is too limited. The second life begins at that point and adds on another roughly 200 full cycles – but keep in mind that the timeframe is longer because the batteries will not at that point be constantly fully charging and discharging, but rather constantly charging and discharging in small increments to provide ancillary services to the grid. Built in Canada, the Laurentian (VIN 1753917939) featured a Catalina body atop a Chevrolet X-frame chassis and used Chevrolet engines. About 14 years ago I bought a 65 Parisienne Convertible with a 327, a lot of Chevy components on Canadian Pontiact of that era. When people choose to withdraw far from a fire, the fire continues to give warmth, but they grow cold.
As hard as you try there’s simply no way you can keep your car in perfect condition and over the years it is going to start feeling less and less perfect.
Washing a car is something that most of us put off for as long as possible but doing it on a regular basis can greatly improve the overall condition of your car. You want to be parked in a spot that’s at least a few feet away from any trees or anything you think is messy enough to ruin all the work you’re about to do.
Before painting or dyeing your dashboard make sure you do your research as you don’t want to cause any damage to it. If you would like to learn more about car battery maintenance, check out our short guide, which we have put together to help you get the most out of your battery. In addition, the further aging of these batteries would need to be delayed to the extent possible during their second life.
The study says that lithium-ion batteries have “considerable advantages” over lead batteries aside from price, so the study is essentially forward-looking: the large number of lithium-ion batteries to come will increase the potential of second-life battery storage. These machines generally run indoors (so emissions are a huge issue) and do not have to cover long distances (so range and the availability of charging stations are not a problem). It’s interesting to note that while Pontiac and Chevrolet were classifed as entry level vehicles for the Canadian market, the Pontiac was equipped with the 261 as the base engine while Chev used a 235. When people choose to withdraw far from light, the light continues to be bright in itself but they are in darkness.
The car’s manual will usually tell you everything you’ll need to know however don’t be afraid to Google it or contact the nearest dealership and ask for advice. It shouldn’t be too difficult however always do your research before messing around with anything in your vehicle as you don’t want to cause any damage to it. Keep in mind that, while conventional cars only have a single lead battery, an electric car has far more storage capacity, so a single electric vehicle will produce the second-life potential of dozens of conventional cars. Often, something as simple as a new sound system can make your car feel like new and give you something to play around with whilst stuck in traffic. SaffronArt didn’t note when the car was imported to India (likely when it was new) or who imported it, but did note that though the odometer shows just 50,000 miles, it has been repainted and reupholstered and that its generator has been replaced with an alternator. SaffronArt offered it with a pre-auction estimate of Rs 10,00,000 to Rs 15,00,000 ($20,410 to $30,615). Although they did assemble some Mercury bodies from 1935-’41, all other Ford production was from their own Australian production facilities in Geelong or later Broadmeadow, Victoria near Melbourne. Ford production has been on-going since the plant’s opening in the mid-1920s by Ford of Canada. These utes were only built from 1949-’53 and shared the same 87-inch wheelbase as the four-door.
The three-speed manual transmission gave it good fuel economy at over 27 mpg but it had a tough time getting out of it’s own way with a 0-50 ET of over 22 seconds. I wonder how many of these Ford could have sold here in the States, sort of a business coupe with a bed. More photos of classic RHD cars and trucks from the Castlemaine event are coming later this week.

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