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Released in May 2012, the HTC One X is the company's highly anticipated Android Ice Cream Sandwich phone.
For a detailed analysis of the teardown, check out my article and video, HTC One X teardown reveals an internal design that isn't DIY repair friendly.
In this article we will show you How To Root and Flash Custom Recovery On HTC One Google Play Edition with the easiest method and step by step instructions.
Rooting and flashing Custom Recovery will give you full administrative rights on your Android device.
You can flash Tons of Custom ROMs after rooting and flashing Custom Recovery for better performance and looks. You might not receive any future official software or firmware updates after rooting and installing Custom ROM in your HTC One Google Play Edition.
Extract the Fastboot+ADB zip file in a new folder and also copy the downloaded TWRP recovery into that folder and rename it to recovery.img. Now connect your device to PC with USB cable and copy the downloaded SuperSU zip file into the root of your external SD card. Once in Recovery, Select Install and choose the SuperSU zip to be installed on your device. Enterprise organisations are constantly being asked to do more work with fewer people, as the size and complexity of infrastructure and applications continue to grow unabated.
ALREADY HAVING REDESIGNED the HTC One for those who like pint-sized smartphones with the HTC One Mini, HTC has now made its first foray into the 'phablet' market with the 5.9in HTC One Max smartphone.

Not only is it bigger, HTC is also touting the HTC One Max as better, improving on the original HTC One with its fingerprint scanner - which HTC has rather oddly placed on the rear of the phone - its microSD slot and its bigger battery pack.
This means that the HTC One Max is not ideal for those with small hands, and we found our wrists starting to ache while using the device for prolonged periods of time.
While in our opinion the HTC One Max is too large and weighty, we do like the way the handset looks, perhaps apart from when we have the handset held up to our face.
Unlike on its predecessors, the back of the HTC One Max can be removed using a switch on the left-hand side of the phone.
Like the HTC One Mini, the HTC One Max features a plastic band around its edges, which as we said in our review of the pint-sized smartphone detracts from the handset's high-end look.
DisplayBeyond its built-in fingerprint sensor, perhaps the HTC One Max's most notable feature its its 5.9in HD 1080p Super LCD touchscreen display.
Thanks to its Super LCD technology and its 1080x1920 resolution at 373ppi, the display is, despite its size, just as impressive as that of the flagship HTC One. Of course, given the size of the screen, it's almost impossible to operate one handed, but for those after a giant smartphone for watching films and playing games, the compromise is probably worth it. Having cracked open the Titan II, HTC's Windows Phone 7 handset, just last month, I was interested to find out what's inside the One X.
After rooting your device successfully, you can make many kind of changes in your Android device. To do that, simply hold down Shift and right-click on any blank area on your screen and select Open command window here.

This guide is intended for companies, organisations, and IT professionals who are looking for a network and application monitoring tool that provides a holistic view of application performance, including performance monitoring, from the end user perspective.
We also tried fitting the device into a pocket, and perhaps unsurprisingly it was a very tight squeeze. The device echoes the design of the HTC One and HTC One Mini smartphones, with the HTC One Max clad in the same high-end aluminium casing.
This is good news for those who like to have access to their phone's battery, and those who would want to expand on the handset's 16GB or 32GB storage, although it also caused some issues during our weekend with the handset. Although the pixel density doesn't quite match, colours are vibrant and blacks are deep on the HTC One Max, and the 5.9in real estate makes for a pleasant browsing and gaming experience. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 measures 151x79x8.3mm and tips the scales at 168g. We often struggled to get the backplate securely back onto the phone after removing it, although HTC told us that this is an issue isolated to pre-release models.

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