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If you’re going to do any work on your car involving the electrical system, disconnect the battery first.
You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser. Car batteries are kind of mysterious in that they can really fail at any time especially as they get older.
Please note that these are precautions that we take and anyone who is storing your car should take to ensure your battery is in the best possible shape upon de-store. Modern cars have lots of electronic systems that are always on regardless of whether the car is running or not.
A trickle charger can be hooked up to your battery during storage.This system will simulate the load that a battery would experience during regular use of the car.
However if your battery has removable caps on top you can and should remove them from time to time and check the water level.
It’s a good idea from time to time to clean the battery terminals and coat them with Vaseline or specialized protectant specifically for batteries. Charge the battery If you leave your car with someone who specializes in vehicle storage, ask them to charge your battery before you pick your car up. This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and F-250, F-350 Super Duty (2005-2014). Your car will not take you anywhere without the battery, so knowing how to replace your battery will help get you back on the road quicker and cheaper.
Don’t touch any wrenches between the battery terminal and any other part of your vehicle. Read your owner’s manual to determine if there is a reset procedure for your vehicle, expecially if it has a Battery Monitoring System (BMS). Remove the negative terminal first and then remove the positive terminal by holding onto the rubber tubing and not the exposed metal terminal to avoid shock. Install the new battery by placing the battery back in the tray, tighten the clamps, and attach the cables starting with the positive one first.
If you go to turn the key but the motor isn't turning over on your Ford F-150, you may have a bad starter.

If your truck is rumblin' and stumblin' at idle, it is time to service the idle air control (IAC) valve. This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014), and the F-250, F-350 Super Duty (2005-2014). The F-150 is a hard working truck, except for when it fails on the job and refuses to start.
Spark plug wires can affect your Ford F-150 or Super Duty in ways that will keep you scratching your head.
Changing a battery is a straightforward process as long as you adhere to the correct procedure.
If you disconnect the positive side of the battery first, the negative side is still connected to the entire car.
Connect the positive terminal first, and the negative second – the reverse of removal, and for the same reasons. Yes you can use them regularly, and yes you can maintain them, but really past about 3 years its really a guessing game for failure time. HOWEVER, you can MINIMIZE the failure risk while storing your vehicle with a few precautions.
The cleaning will ensure that the maximum amount of energy is going to the car’s systems and not into thin air. This entails hooking the positive and negative terminals up to a special fast charger and will bring your battery up to a full charge. Wear rubber gloves and keep them and the battery away from your clothes so the acid doesn’t destroy them. The negative terminal (or battery post) on top of the battery will have a minus (-) sign beside it and the positiive terminal will have a plus (+) sign.
If you drop a tool and it lands on the positive battery terminal and touches anything else on the car, you’ll have an electrical short. When you slip the negative connector on, there will be a spark as it gets close and makes contact with the negative battery terminal.
Remove the terminal caps as described above and clean each contact post with a wire brush to get a nice clean metal contact surface.

Most of the time, this sort of draw is okay since most people use their cars every day and the alternator will re-charge the battery while the car is running. We at AAAA storage provide this service for a little extra since it draws electricity but are happy to accommodate our customers if they elect to do so.
For this reason it is recommended to use a memory keeper to avoid any complications that may arise from disconnecting your old battery.
In addition to labelling (like on the battery below) these signs will also be indented into the plastic on the top of the battery beside the battery posts.5) Remove the negative terminal clamp first - using your wrenches loosen the nut (circled below in red) and remove the negative terminal clamp.
By disconnecting the negative first, you’re cutting off the return path for the current.
Your car battery lives 2 to 3 years, and if it lives longer, you should be ready with a replacement.
A memory keeper simply plugs in to your vehicles cigarette lighter or accessory socket and maintains power to the vehicles accessories whilst you disconnect your old battery. Removing the negative terminal first helps to avoid any short circuit occurring during the procedure. So if your lights are dim, your car sounds weak when you're starting it, or if you are not getting any power at all, it means it's time for you to read this article and change your battery.
Memory keepers can be powered by the mains supply or some require another 12v battery or 9v battery as a power source - so be sure to purchase one that suits your needs.You can perform this procedure without a memory keeper but please ensure that you have all the relevant security codes you need in order to reactivate your stereo or any other accessories that will require a PIN code.
If in doubt refer to your vehicles handbook.1) Gather together the tools you need for the job.
Remove this and then carefully remove the old battery.8) Next clean the terminal clamps and the battery tray using the wire brush. Be careful when handling car batteries - they are heavy - always keep them reasonably level when handling them to prevent any acid spillage occurring.

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