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This model is just incredible – there are very few RC cars at this price which can powerslide out of corners with both rear wheels spinning. The controller is Wii like in that you rotate the it to steer rather than using sticks in the traditional way. This makes it the perfect Christmas gift for a younger car enthusiast – if you’ve ever seen a 4 or 5 year old with an RC car, they always try to turn the controller to steer! This awesome RC car uses 4 x AAA and 2 x AA batteries which aren’t included, but Presents For Men can bundle these on their site.
No, this is not a remote controlled James Bond DB6, it’s a bona fide radio controlled spy car available from Boysstuff. The Best Remote Control CarsIta€™d be too easy to dismiss remote control cars with a sweeping generalisation.
Below wea€™ve collected some of the coolest, fastest and most interesting RC cars wea€™ve seen, though if you think you can top them then wea€™d love to hear from you. Nic Casea€™s orange bullet won the world record for fastest RC car back in 2007, achieving over 134MPH.
Nic's overall goal is to breach the 200MPH barrier, an objective he's steadily closed in on over the years!

The turret on top can fire up to 20 meters, but the best thing about this tank is that, when the wheels are deployed, you can ferry nibbles around on top! Air Hogsa€™ Zero Gravity Nano might be small, but it makes up for its stature with a suction mode that lets it stick to walls. Developed by The Science Museum, this remote control car is perfect for those who feel guilty recharging their car batteries every ten minutes.
Of course, it's all undermined by the fact that the controller needs conventional batteries - but it's the thought that counts, right? Built around a LinkSys WRT54GL router, this remote controlled buggy sports a Panasonic webcam that it can feed back to a laptop over 500m away. The designer has supplied instructions detailing every step of the build, which is handy if you fancy making one of your own. Diy remote control car: tutorial build rc car!, Making a remote control car doesn't get easier than this.
Not only can the top part detach from the wheels and become a fully functioning helicopter, it even has fireable missiles built in. In fact, therea€™s a huge amount of variation among the different models a€“ there are RC cars that can go over water, up walls or which showcase extra systems.

Since then hea€™s broken his own record, managing over 160MPH with a second car, the Schumacher Mi3.5 Streamliner.
The car chassis is built around a fan that sucks the Nano down onto whatever surface it is resting on, meaning it can race across ceilings as easily as it can move on the floor.
The car itself is run on hydrogen, which is harvested from water in a special solar-powered refuelling station.
The car itself was the cheapest single component, costing just $5 USD, though it was almost completely rebuilt by hand. They arena€™t technically remote controlled cars (they pilot themselves), but a quick glance at the old DARPA Grand Challenge entries indicate the future for some of these technologies. So, this amphibious tank is able to retract its wheels up on top of its curved hull, allowing it to move smoothly across all garden terrain.

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