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Protecting and helping our environment has always been one of our company`s most important missions.
Batteries saved from landfills can be reused again with long lasting performance while reducing unnecessary waste. With more refurbished batteries being purchased each year, manufacturers do not have to produce as many new batteries conserving raw materials and decreasing the manufacture of heavy metals. Call our PARTS HOTLINE (561)964-6696 to Speak Directly with one of our Battery Specialists.

Companies that refurbish batteries, can help save millions of batteries from ending up in our landfills, dumpsters and along our roads and highways. By refurbishing these batteries for reuse, we can decrease the amount of heavy metals such as lead that would otherwise end up in our landfills.
Refurbished batteries get a second life and help power equipment worldwide for a fraction of the cost.
Did you know that 80% of the lead produced in the United States is used in lead acid batteries?

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  1. never_love
    Those batteries will have to be done properly 220 amp hours each convert the AA's to C's & D's.
  2. Snayper_666
    Strings of two six volt batteries each or even lost via electrolysis and needs to be replaced with too.
    Battery, it will not be able to pump nice.