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If your truck model is not shown, please click on the "Request RFQ" button below and use the comments box on the next screen to provide information on your request. With over hundreds of models in the YALE fleet of equipment, multiple options may be available. This is 100% genuine replacement battery for the Samsung Mobile Phone, model number AB553443CE.
Genuine Refurbished means we have checked the item for any physical or cosmetic damage and item is perfectly in working condition.
We carry a full line of new and refurbished batteries and chargers for all forklift and motive-power applications.
Chargers matched to your battery are avaialble in 120 to 600 volts, single and three phase input power. Amp-Hour Type - Basically, this is the electrical storage capacity of a pair of plates in the cell.
Size is simple the Length, Width and Height of your current battery or the battery compartment in your equipment. We can also look up your battery based on the brand and model of your equipment, but most forklifts and other machines were built in many configurations, so a direct measurement is best. These batteries can offer large savings over new batteries (especially in larger battery sizes), and are perfect for users who run their forklift less than full time.
New - These are brand new batteries, built to your specifications, delivering 100% capacity. 240V chargers are available for single and three phase input power, and should be hard wired into your electrical system.

A charger must be properly sized to not only the voltage of your battery, but also the amp-hour rating. Give us a call for a wide selection of new and gently used chargers to match your current or new battery. There is no publicly available evidence of which we are aware which would suggest that third party "copies" of batteries are fully compatible with our various AEDs and the use of such copies may adversely affect product performance.
We strongly suggest that copies or refurbished batteries are NOT used in AED’s as these may not function properly and will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty on your AED. With over hundreds of models in the Atlet fleet of equipment, multiple options may be available. In the comments box please indicate any additional information such as connectors, water systems, quantity, and tray size.
To assist us in providing an accurate quote for your needs, please click on the link below to submit an RFQ for your review. Along with the number of plates per cell, this will tell us the total Amp-Hour capacity of the battery. The plates alternate between negative and postive, with an extra negative plate (the two end plates are both negative.) Along with the amp-hour type, the number of plates will let us calculate the total capacity of the battery, and it will help tell us the width of the battery. If a battery is rated at 100 amp-hours, it can deliver 100 amps for 1 hour, or 1 amp for 100 hours or 50 amps for 2 hours, and so on. Basicall, the more energy (higher Amp-Hour rating) your battery can store, the longer your forklift will run on a charge. If you don't know your voltage, count the number of cells in your battery (count the number of vent caps where you add water, there is one per cell) and multiply by 2.

If you are using your forklift to unload a truck or twice a day, or move material through your shop for a few hours a day or week, a refurbished battery is perfect for you.
While 120V chargers are available, you really need a 240V charger and the high current levels it can provide to adequately provide a balanced charge to your battery.
A charger that is too small will not fully charge your battery, and a charger that is too big could overhear and damage your battery. Similarly, we are aware of no information suggesting that old batteries can be refurbished in a manner that ensures that they will continue to function properly over time. The amp-hour rating of a battery has nothing to do with voltage, only amps (current) and time. The biggest battery that will fit your machine is usally best, so if your current battery doesn't fill up the battery comparment, measure the maximum size that will fit.
The battery is cleaned, fully charged, tested under load, any under-performing parts are replaced, the acid level and concentration is checked and equalized, the battery is tested again, and if it provides at least 85% of its rated capacity it is cleaned again, painted, cables and connectors attached and made available for sale.
The price is higher than a refurbished battery of course, but you are investing in the complete life of the battery.
Of course there are more than just 2 sizes, but -85- and -125- will cover 95% of batteries.

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