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Forklift batteries refurbished can assure you that the battery itself is fully charged, tested under load, any under-performing parts are replaced and even repaired. These are also perfect and right for owners who run their forklift for less than full time. With over hundreds of models in the DAEWOO & DOOSAN fleet of equipment, multiple options may be available.

New and Blemished Battery Dealer - Trojan Battery, US Battery, Lifeline Battery in El CajonAlsoFree- Auto & Car Battery Recycling & Disposal.
Lead Acid Batteries are a hazardous waste and the local landfill companies do not want them.However, many do not know that old lead acid batteries like car batteries, boat batteries and golf cart batteries are a very green product and are recycled by the large battery manufactures. To assist us in providing an accurate quote for your needs, please click on the link below to submit an RFQ for your review.

The batteries were purchased at .20 per lb and shipped to Exide Battery in Los Angeles for smelting.

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