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Because of its long battery life, portable construction, and high energy density, lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries have become the preferred battery in Smartphone technology, laptops, tablets, portable gaming systems, and many other portable devices. Before commencing a battery refurbishment project, it is crucially important for users to become acquainted with the dangers surrounding Lithium-Ion.
A major advantage of Li-Ion batteries over other types, such as Nickel-Cadmium, is that lithium batteries do not feature any sort of memory effect, and therefore users do not need to discharge their Li-Ion batteries before recharging and breathing life back into them. In the first method, users need to use a voltmeter to discover the voltage of their batteries, and once the battery discharges to a level of 1.5 volts, users simply need to recharge their battery to make it work like new again.
Refurbishing Li-Ion batteries may require a battery reactivation, which means that the battery has over-discharged and therefore has automatically shut down.
Different batteries feature a different construction, and therefore users need to be familiar with their battery in order to access the individual cells within.
By refurbishing your own Li-Ion batteries, you can effectively increase the battery life of your favorite devices while saving money and protecting the environment at the same time. Lithium batteries, used in many electronic devices, are popular for their high energy density to weight ratio, little memory effect (whereby a battery loses memory after repeated recharging,) and slow loss of charge, making them a suitable choice for most portable electronic and mobile devices. Lithium batteries that do not hold their charge for long or have stopped charging need refurbishing or replacing. If a full recharge does not work effectively, another way to refurbish a lithium battery is to give it a jumpstart, similar to jump starting a car battery. Usually a lithium battery stops working due to a buildup of sulfur crystals within the battery.
To refurbish a lithium-ion battery pack,, such as with a battery in a laptop, replace the individual battery cells within the battery pack. To keep a refurbished lithium battery in good condition, there are a few tips to keep in mind. A number of different types of lithium batteries are available for use in various mobile devices, power tools, and electronic equipment. Before choosing to refurbish a lithium battery, identify what type of lithium battery it is to ensure one is using the correct refurbishing equipment.
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Compared to other batteries, Li-Ion batteries also feature a significantly lower self-discharge rate when not in use.
Not only does understanding Lithium-Ion help users stay safe while refurbishing, it also helps users to refurbish their Li-Ion battery. The first step for a quick and easy Li-Ion refurbishment is to discover the current charge of the battery. Another method includes using a desulfator that sends high-pulse charges throughout the battery to shatter crystallized formations that might be disrupting normal battery use. Typically, this is done when one or more battery cells starts producing different voltages than the other cells. Use a voltmeter to discover which batteries are still functional, and at the same time make sure that all of the batteries are producing a similar charge. However, if you need Li-Ion refurbishment materials or replacement parts, you can simply head on over to eBay. Although they offer several advantages over other types of batteries, lithium batteries wear out over time.
A simple and cost effective way to try to refurbish a lithium battery is to perform a full recharge on it, accomplished by completely draining the battery of all power and recharging it. With the battery removed from the device, identify the positive and negative connection feeds. It is often possible to restore a lithium battery to its original state with the use of a battery desulfator.. By carefully opening the battery pack, remove the old cells by desoldering the connecting wires and re-soldering the new cells together.
The following table provides a short description of the different types of lithium batteries available.
However, with so many devices requiring Li-Ion batteries, consumers can take steps to protect the environment while saving some money by refurbishing their batteries as opposed to disposing them and buying new ones.
First, users should never discharge Li-Ion batteries below a certain voltage, as this could cause irreversible damage to the battery. Fortunately, most devices feature some sort of battery meter that highlights how much charge the battery has left. If any of the cells in the battery discharges below 2.5 volts, then the battery probably does not work and users need to reactivate that cell using a special or programmable charger. When working within the protection circuit, it is imperative to make sure that all of the non-defective battery cells stay connected to the circuit. From eBay, you can find hundreds of listings by locating the search bar and entering keywords specific to the product that you want.
Refurbishing a lithium battery is less expensive than buying a new one, environmentally friendly, and relatively easy to do. To do this, simply keep turning the battery on in the device until there is no longer enough power to boot up the battery. Using an old USB cord,, cut off the B-connector end, which is the smaller square shaped connector, to expose the inner red and black wires. A desulfator sends high impulse charges through the battery to break up the sulfur crystals that have formed.

Lithium batteries prefer partial discharging as opposed to deep discharging, so do not let the battery run completely down. But in this post i will explain In the wake of samsung galaxy s4 battery issues coming to light, samsung has promised free replacement batteries to all those affected. Although refurbishing Li-Ion batteries can be a slightly difficult process that requires focus, patience, and a little know-how, there is a great deal of satisfaction from taking old and worn Li-Ion batteries and making them work like new again. Most batteries feature an automatic shut-off circuit to prevent this from happening, and attempting to short circuit the battery could possibly cause it to either ignite or possibly explode. This step is important because it allows users to decide exactly how they recharge their battery, as there are a couple of different methods from which to choose. Users should use the first method in a normal refurbishment, the second method after several years of battery use, and the third method when there is an unequal voltage among cells and the battery is dead. Fortunately, reactivating dormant Li-Ion batteries is quite easy, as several chargers and battery analyzers have a separate boost feature that sends a small charge current to activate the protection circuit followed by a normal charge.
Once a user has discovered the malfunctioning cell, he or she should always replace that cell with a new one of the same age, capacity, and chemistry. With a full recharge, jump-start, or repair, one can refurbish a lifeless battery and have it working like new again in no time.
Once this is complete, plug the battery into an AC adapter charger and leave it to charge for a minimum of 48 hours.
With the A-connector end of the USB cord plugged into the computer, touch the exposed wires to their corresponding feeds. To buy online with confidence, eBay offers secure online payment methods, easy search options, and reputable sellers, making buying lithium batteries simple. Therefore, during the refurbishment process, users need to be aware of the temperature of the batteries while refraining from damaging the capacity gauge circuitry. If this boost feature does not awaken the battery within a minute, there is often nothing else that users can do with the battery to bring it back to life again. It is important to always include a temperature sensor that disrupts the electrical current with the presence of high heat. It is important to leave the battery on charge for this period, without removing it or turning it off.
Refurbishing lithium batteries is less expensive than replacing them and better for the environment. Additionally, users should always make sure that the replaced cells are connected with the protection circuit before operating the battery. With a little knowledge on the various ways to fully recharge, jump start, or replace individual cells, refurbishing batteries saves time and money.

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