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You were almost done with the proposal that could make or break your career, when your Surface's screen went as dark as your promotion prospects now are.What do you do to ensure that your proposal is on the chairman's desk by 9am tomorrow?Well, if you had invested in a Mikegyver Batteries with a 100% genuine Surface Cable (not Chinese Clones), you could simply have plugged your Surface Book or Microsoft Surface Pro into it and continued working!
It’s easy to lose yourself in the beautiful surroundings, as long as you don’t lose contact with civilization too when your laptop or phone battery dies! While others are seated behind a desk or stuck in an office, you are on the move.Your office may be behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler, or at the controls of a Boeing 747.
New batteries, new body, new top, new rear seat kit, new wheel covers, new tires and wheels, new company decal, new folding windshield, new cables, new brakes, and comes with a 1 year warranty on EVERYTHING! The Mikegyver Batteries extends the life of your Surface Pro’s battery from hours to days!

There is nothing worse than needing to make an urgent call or send an email and your device has powered down because of a drained battery.We use 100% Genuine Magsafe cables from Apple (not illegal Chinese clones) so you expect the quality you need during an important project. You move fast and you need to have access to all your information at a second’s notice. We pride ourselves on unbeatable service to our customers, reliability in our carts, and quality with what we sell! We can equip a golf cart to your specifications so you are able to get work done with more ease and look great doing it. We have a full parts department with over $400,000 in inventory on hand so you rarely ever have to wait long to receive your golf cart when service is performed.

Please give us a call to set up an appointment for our staff to perform whatever maintenance issues exist.

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