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Bigwig automaker General Motors Co (GM) said in a Tuesday announcement that it plans to reuse old batteries from its first-generation Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric car for secondary purposes, like powering homes, office buildings, and utilities. The planned move by GM to recycle used electric car batteries to power homes, businesses and utilities underscores an effort by the automaker to potentially challenge electric-car manufacturer Tesla Motors in the stationary battery business, though with a different approach.
Tesla has already announced that it plans to foray into the stationary power business with new battery units.
According to GM, the company's planned approach in the direction of stationary power business is more ecological than Tesla's approach as it promotes recycling of batteries; and will also likely be more cost effective.

However, GM plans to venture into the same business with recycled used electric car batteries from its Volt cars, which are equipped with batteries as well as a gas engine. It also manufactures batteries in seven states, according to its website.In April, California officials suspended operations at an Exide lead recycler a€” or smelter a€” in Vernon, citing emissions of arsenic as a health risk to 110,000 people in surrounding communities. Regulators said the plant, which for years also discharged harmful quantities of lead, posed a higher cancer risk to more people than any of the more than 450 regulated facilities in Southern California in the last 25 years.Since 2010, seven Exide operations have been linked to ambient airborne lead levels that posed a health risk, a Times review of EPA and local and state government data showed. Children are more vulnerable than adults and can suffer learning disabilities even with limited exposure.
Arsenic, a carcinogen, can also cause nausea, decreased blood-cell production and abnormal heart rhythm.Still, it can be nearly impossible to prove a direct link between illnesses and a particular source of toxics. Some health effects accumulate over decades and can be difficult to isolate from other harmful exposures.

As a result, many people are left with suspicions about what caused their illnesses, but can't prove it."The people in that community are worn down and discouraged," Scott said of Laureldale, a working-class borough near Reading. Scott said he thought the state Department of Environmental Protection, which issued the permits, was afraid of killing jobs.Exide once planned to spend millions on improving lead-containment systems at the plant.

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