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For over 150 years, our society has relied on lead-based batteries to make life easier and more sustainable. Lead can be recycled and re-used almost indefinitely, making lead-based battery recycling the most successful recycling program in North America. GREEN JOB GROWTHFor nearly 70 years, Gopher Resource has provided green jobs through the responsible recycling of spent lead-based batteries.
At Broken Car Collection, we see your junk as our treasure, which is why we pay you a generous cash-in-hand amount when you call us for our FREE car body removal service in Brisbane. Brokencarcollection provides on-site recycling solutions in Queensland by operating car wrecking crew in Brisbane. Our auto recycling specialists use environmentally sound work practices to ensure that everyone is in compliance with the latest environmental standards and we continually monitor market conditions to pay you fair, competitive unwanted vehicle prices.
The car recycling industry has various names for its known by including wrecking yards, auto dismantling yard, and recently, auto or vehicle recycling. We work closely to help prevent any environmental contamination that could occur at salvage yard operations. When we buy your used vehicle, we will use the parts of the vehicle in our recycling program.
Brisbane car wreckers are always ready to talk with you and willing to answer all your questions.

Not everyone ensures all mercury; fluids, Freon, batteries and fuel tanks are removed before the Used auto or used truck is crushed. Don't trust your car or truck to a towing company or a local newspaper ad looking to "Buy your Junker" who may or may not be licensed or trained to recycle responsibly.
Any true environmentalist would rather buy a good used auto part that a new one helping Canada one car at a time. Rivercity Rubbish Removal is a family hold business committed to servicing the Brisbane area. Please take a few minutes to upgrade to a newer browser so you can experience this website and the rest of the Internet more fully.
Most recycling operations involve a car breakers which is used to reduce the size of the scraped vehicle for easy transportation to a steel mill.
We help prevent any soil, ground water or air that can be contaminated during vehicle dis-assembly and fluid drainage operations.
To get more information about our auto recycling services, please feel free to contact us and let us know your needs. If the care is not taken, these fluids can be absorbed by our soil and into our air causing pollution and contamination such as Green House Gases.

You can send us email or Call us what you want - we will remove all your rubbish, junk, garbage or waste away!
Car Recycling Brisbane has made great efforts to make sure we are doing everything possible to help save our environment for future generations. To help promote Green Auto Recycling we ensure that every car we recycle is crashed and sent to a metal refinery. It does not cost more to complete the rubbish removals for you compared to other skips bins in Brisbane. Thus local rubbish removal Brisbane is helping a commercial street, park or area devoid of waste.

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