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If you are looking for a used, refurbished or reconditioned lift truck battery, or battery handling equipment, you have come to the right place. Contact us with the year, make and model of the fork lift truck, pallet jack or other material handling equipment for which you need a battery and we will get back to you with availability and price. DiaMec akkumulA?torok - Lead acid (sealed) battery - Batteries - Wide range of LA¬≠tium-Ion Batteries Ltd. Without proper maintenance, even the best equipment will fail prematurely and increase your costs. Unlike most service providers who simply replace cells because they do not possess hazardous waste treatment facilities, SBS can perform internal evaluations and internal cell repairs, saving you money by determining the root cause of the failure. In many cases, we can fix your battery or charger right in your plant, so you don't have the inconvenience of extended downtime.
Our service technicians are not only highly skilled and seasoned trouble-shooters, they are also advisers, educators and consultants.

SBS personnel will assist in assuring that the battery removal and installation is done safely.
Remember, reconditioning during early detection can often double useful life, but if you delay you may totally destroy the battery and damage your truck's drive motor as well as other electrical components.
We offer on-site battery cleaning and battery washing services, which will help lengthen service life and eliminate environmental concerns.
This manual, "Creating Wealth With Batteries" details everything you need to know to start and run the business successfully, The manual tells you where and how to come up with batteries to recondition, what supplies and equipment you will need and THE RECIPE OF THE CHEMICAL which removes the sulfation from the plates. Our modern shops are equipped with the latest equipment and computerized charging and discharge testing.
Our modern shops are equipped with the latest in computerized charging and discharge testing equipment, and meet or exceed all state and federal environmental safety standards.
Our service technicians can also provide in-plant battery and charger surveys, OSHA regulation information and maintenance training.

THE CASH FLOW IS INSTANT !, The investment is minimal, which is usually returned after the first month or two in business. The manual gives you sources where to buy equipment, supplies, materials and ingredients for the chemical.
The author of this manual ran a successful battery business over 10 years and sold over 14,000 batteries!! Nobody is going to try to sell you chemical, you make your own and it will be as good or better than those that advertise on websites or elsewhere! Supplement your present income and do this part time out of your garage or go commercial and make a full time income.

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