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Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) battery packs are designed for motor assist, not for all-electric propulsion. Through a collaborative effort with co-op students in the laboratory of Professor Eugene S. Learn more about hybrid vehicle battery reconditioning and rebuilding by contacting The Hybrid Shop. NuVant Systems develops and commercializes operando spectroscopy cells with Northeastern University co-ops and graduate students. These issues result from the battery management system in your car detecting a problem and limiting the performance of the hybrid battery system in order to protect the battery.
For $350 we are offering a reconditioning service to all Honda hybrid owners that are looking for an alternative to paying the $2500+ price of getting a new battery from Honda. Battery University, NiMH batteries informationA  - Information on the battery like the one in your Honda hybrid, how to care for it, reconditioning, etc.
IECA International Electrotechnical Commission, is a non-profit, non-governmental international standards organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies, this includes all types of testing and rating of batteries.
Porsche's direct injected engines, like the V6 in this Panamera, have fuel pumps that are driven mechanically by engine rotation and so have an oil seal at the opening of the pump where it is mounted to the engine. Here’s Everything You Need to Watch Le Mans This WeekendFiberglass and Carbon Fiber Replacement Body Parts Installed Here!2015 Holiday Charity Drive - Donate Here!VIDEO: Borla Exhaust Sound vs. Smotkin of the Northeastern University Chemistry Department and his spin-off company, NuVant Systems Inc.

If your hybrid has high miles and is presented with these various issues, the problem will likely be a failing battery. Here you will find a collection of small blog posts covering a wide range of topics, from news, updates, announcements, helpful info, and other miscellany all written in short blurbs for fast and easy consumption! With ASE Certified Master Mechanics on staff, you can rest assured that when you bring your vehicle to us for service or repair it will be in the very best of hands. If you've never seen it, we suggest hitting play, opening it in full-screen, and turning up the volume.
Our ace technician, Tim, determined that the oil was leaking from the fuel pump on the back of the engine. As you can see in one of the photos below, the oil seal has blown out of the pump, allowing motor oil to leak out. Our Service Manager, Ricky, and his young son rode their mini dirt bikes in the parade as well! Family fun abounds, and Rick got into the spirit of things, going for a spin on his grandson's tiny dirt bike.
We love what we do but we'd be lying if we said we weren't looking forward to the long weekend!
Have a fantastic weekend everybody, and enjoy the long holiday for the Fourth! We know we will! As the age of the batteries in hybrid cars reaches 7+ years the internal workings of the hybrid car batteries will begin breaking down which results in a lower energy capacity of these batteries.
The batteries inside the cell can fail for many reasons and we do extensive testing to ensure that the battery you receive from us will last you 5+ years.

It's a far cry from the bikes he used to race in his pro motocross days, but hey, a bike's a bike!
After pulling the oil pan and removing the rod bearings, we found them to be in surprisingly good shape.
Last night we hosted a training course provided by Snap-On Tools, one of the premier names in automotive tools and diagnostic equipment, right here in our shop and opened our doors to other shops in the area to come take part with us.
In contrast to lithium ion batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries are environmentally friendly aqueous based batteries. We want to say thank you to Snap-On, Tommy (our local Snap-On vendor), and everyone who came!
At higher currents, the likelihood of heavily used cells in series going into voltage reversal is almost a certainty. For charge-discharging of blocks (2 modules in series), higher voltages (14.5 V) are required.

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