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Refurbishing and reconditioning used plants and machinery for better productivity & accuracy by retrofitting them with the latest generation of CNC systems and Drives. One Stop Solution Providers for Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation, Installation and Commissioning for Projects. For background information on solid state drives, see the Solid State Drive Overview and also How to Make Your Mac Feel Lightning-fast and Intel X25-M in a Mac Pro. Until proven otherwise, use of an MLC-based drive like the Crucial, X25-M, etc is inappropriate for intensive writes eg a Photoshop scratch volume, unless one plans to regularly recondition the drive. The Intel X25-M first generation requires reconditioning on a periodic basis, as do many other SSD drives, a serious drawback. All 4 drives were installed in Icy Dock enclosures, and inserted into the four standard drive bays of the Mac Pro Nehalem (boot drive was on another hard drive). During this testing, one (perhaps two) of the drives went AWOL, hanging DiskTester and the Finder, and requiring a hard reboot (pull the power plug). The Crucial a€?Indilinxa€? technology reportedly handles internal fragmentation very well, and reportedly the firmware can garbage-c0llect automatically. The hard drives used here were the 1TB Western Digital RE-3, the same units used in Optimizing Photoshop.
There are only modest variations in speed here; stick with 24GB memory and four fast 1TB hard drives unless you must have the very fastest machine. Behavior could change with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), and definitely will change when Adobe releases a 64-bit Photoshop CS5. With four 1TB hard drives, a 4-drive RAID-0 scratch volume is nearly as fast, and even after making the scratch volume, you still have a generous 3.4TB of extra storage for your files. With the SSD approach, youa€™ll have to figure out how to get the storage you need and the SSDs at the same time. For the fastest Photoshop workstation for huge files, go with 32GB memory and four SSDs in a RAID-0 stripe. For most users, the four-hard-drive approach (using the four Mac Pro internal drive bays) is far more cost-effective, since capacious storage is a huge plus; the SSDs essentially are an additional extra for many users. After doing all the testing with eSATA, I plugged one of the units into the lower optical bay of the Mac Pro Nehalem. Performance with 4 drives in a striped RAID-0 scales more or less linearlya€” a great performance! I tested four (4) individual samples of the Crucial 128GB model, both individually and as a 4-drive striped RAID. The four drives were mostly consistent, but one sample tested significantly faster than the others.

The four Crucial SSD drives used for testing were supplied by our site sponsor, Other World Computing. The Crucial 128GB SSD would be a terrific choice as a boot drive in a Mac Pro,which allows using all four internal drive bays for data. MacBook Pro (laptop) users should also be taking a close look at the SSD option for reliability reasons, especially anyone traveling frequently, or working at high altitude, etc.
Anyone needing the very fastest possible drive speed should be looking hard at a 4-drive RAID-0 stripe, weighing the storage capacity and cost issues appropriately. The long-term need to recondition the Crucial 128GB drive as needed with the first-generation Intel X25-M has yet to be observed; it might or might not emerge as an issue. About us xxxxx Business enterprises have to preserve their presence and in the globalised world , they have to increase their profit and compete with other companies at the international market. Bulgarian company dealing with machine tools, cutting tools, electrcic motots, power tools, lifting equipment, woodworking machines and more. JINAN XINTE CASTING AND FORGING CO., LTD is one of the largest factory specialized in producing forged grinding balls and cast grinding balls in China. AnShan Ying Yat Trade Co., Ltd is a company who has its own self-determination right for import and export. AoLing CNC technology company is a professional manufacturer of CNC cutting and welding machines, we have been manufacturing and supplying this machines to the world industry for over 10 years. Junji Carbide Manufacture Co Ltd (JJCM), which is based in Shanghai, has more than ten year experience of producing tungsten carbide and titanium carbide products. Our expertise in discrete manufacturing automation, process automation, power sector, auto sector, textile engineering, packaging industry and steel industry, has built our reputation world-wide for delivering the right solutions.
Pricing on similar drives like the Intel X25-M 80GB should be similar, making the Crucial 128GB offering a very good value. That kind of usage is not likely to be seen in any normal desktop usage and ita€™s a worst-case scenario for solid state drives.
This corrupted at least one programa€™s preference files.Those are the facts, readers can make their own judgments. Ita€™s clear that the Crucial drives do not have this crucial firmware, and ita€™s unclear whether there will be a firmware upgrade to address the issue..
This is surprising, since the SSD RAID-0 stripe is about twice as fast as the 4-drive hard-drive stripe. The Photoshop results show that performance is only about 15% better with huge files, as compared with the hard drive approach. For anything of reasonable size that setup will be overkill, but it certainly wona€™t hurt.
While not as fast as read speed, it is about 2.5X the speed offered by the Intel X25-M, an enormous difference that should the Crucial SSD . This doesna€™t necessarily indicate a problem, and the write periodicity isna€™t too unlike the Intel X25-E.
Test results here from disktester run-sequential-suite -s 32K -e 256M --iterations 10, using the 4-drive RAID-0 stripe. Programs foolish enough to write small chunks of data arena€™t going to benefit from the speed of RAID.

Dual Sonnet E4P eSATA cards were used for each pair of drives, to ensure adequate bandwidth. Long term performance and reliability is an unknown, but the initial experience raises some serious question about long term performance and reliability.
Our company , established in 1992 , has been continuously going along with the technological changes and modern technology ; On top of that it has been giving great importance to the Research Development ( Ar ?
However, based on eight months of intensive daily usage of the Intel X25-M as a boot drive, this testing assessed the Crucial offering in light of previously understood SSD issues. Such larger writes are not very common, which means that striping SSDs will likely cause ongoing internal fragmentation. When working with really huge files in Photoshop, this is the test you want to pay attention to! For the hard-drive approach, youa€™ll want to boot off an internal SSD (to free up those drive bays). Indeed, its write performance is on par with the enterprise-grade Intel X25-E (and at far lower cost). This bodes well for the future, where a Mac Pro system could rely entirely on large SSD drivesa€” fast, silent, and low-power. Performance might well vary with use on other eSATA cards, or on the internal Mac Pro drive bays. A subsequent fill-volume test showed a moderate 20% slowdown over about half the drive, with a subsequent test showing performance right back to normala€” impressive it seemed.
One more reconditioning pass did do the trick, restoring consistent read and write peformance.
By comparison, the Intel X25-M even when badly fragmented for writes showed very little read-speed degradation. Furthermore, Photoshop CS4 has a habit of writing scratch data in 1MB + 3K chunks, meaning that every single write fragments at least one SSD block, even without a striped RAID. Probably Photoshop was never written expecting this kind of drive speed, and so Photoshop itself has internal bottlenecks that limit performance (it is definitely not a CPU speed issue, CPUs are largely idle for this test). But that is not to say that with sustained use it would be a match for the X25-E, which is designed for continuous use in a server. We are undertaking our heavy technological production by the help of our engineers , technicians and specialised personnel in production . But having to erase the entire drive to recondition it is major headache if youa€™re using it for storage!
In this case , as REKTAS ENGINE RECONDITIONING MACHINES MANUFACTURING AND TRADING COMPANY LTD. Our products together with all their components are at high international standards , made from high quality materials and comply with the current technology.

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