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11 watchingBy placing a bid on an item, you are agreeing to and entering into a binding contract to buy this item, should your bid be the winning bid. Northern Tool + Equipment, Generators, pressure washers, air compressors, power tools, trailers, heaters, stoves, food processing, go karts, and more! Reconditioned generally means that the power drill has been returned to the manufacturer, who brings the power drill back to like new condition.

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And to make it more useful, it features a programmed sleep mode that ensures fully charged batteries can be stored in the charger without potential over-load damage.
Designed for serious maintenance, after five days in sleep mode, the charger wakes and checks the status of each battery on it, topping up any drain-off, so every battery you reach for is always good to go.

And since it features a quick release mechanism, when you need to head to the jobsite, it’s ready in seconds.

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