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Hybrid Battery Module Replacement - Why would I want to recondition my hybrid battery pack?
In the rare case that a driver encounters a problem with the battery pack before the hybrid reaches 10 years or 100,000 miles (160,934 kilometers), Toyota will replace the pack with a brand-new one.
So, although Toyota can't replace the battery pack when the warranty has run out on a Prius, it can recommend reconditioning the battery pack as a cheaper alternative to outright replacement. Reconditioning the battery in a Toyota Prius not only extends the life of the battery by adding another six years; it also reduces maintenance costs for the owner.
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This tells you how much energy a battery can store at a given time and allows you to measure the improvement that you made.
Detailed instructions in each section explains exactly what you need to do in plain English. What does it take to recondition a hybrid battery, and how much does it cost in comparison with replacing the whole unit?
For a hybrid car owner, on the other hand, the battery is an integral (and complex) part of the vehicle's operation, equally as important (and expensive) as the transmission. But uncertainty has dogged hybrid vehicles for a while now, and claims that hybrid battery packs are unreliable are some of the most common concerns. If a hybrid car experiences a battery failure outside of that guarantee, however, the owner is on his or her own when it comes to battery replacement. This is based on the original wet cell design that started it all (it is not the Hybrid Cell Design plans). If You Can Follow Simple Illustrated Instructions, You can Convert Your Vehicle in a Hybrid. The kit can be used in hot and cold weather – so it is perfectly safe for anywhere in the world. Hydrogen electrolysis produces HHO Gas; it is one of the most clean, free and simple ways to create energy. Hydrogen Generator & Water Car HistoryThe idea that water can be used as a fuel may seem shocking or impossible, but its actually been used this way for over 200 years. As we mentioned on the previous page, the company guarantees them for the life of the car, and drivers have documented at least two 2001 Toyota Prius models, the earliest Prius model to hit North American roads, lasting for more than 200,000 miles (321,869 kilometers) without a battery pack replacement.
In fact, there's a toll-free number on every Prius battery that informs callers that a $150 reward awaits them if they bring the pack to any Toyota or Lexus dealer.
If anything goes wrong in a unit after 100,000 miles (160,934 kilometers), Toyota can locate which one of the 28 modules is causing problems and replace that individual module.

At $750, battery reconditioning costs about one-fourth the price of replacing the battery pack entirely. It's not something that drivers have to do very often, but when they do, it's a simple task that won't put a dent in the wallet. Currently, nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries are an expensive part of a hybrid car's makeup and cost about $3,000 to replace. Please keep reading to discover how you can make thousands by purchasing old batteries and selling them as reconditioned ones.
This is because battery packs built for the Prius consist of 28 separate modules, and any problem in a battery pack is most likely due to one of those modules, not all of them.
Instead of letting batteries degrade in a landfill, Toyota pays scavengers to reclaim them. By harvesting from the older, recycled battery packs they've collected, technicians can find a matching module that has a similar chemistry and age as the other 27 modules and recondition the battery by replacing only the faulty module.
Discount car batteries can cost as low as $30, while more expensive, premium brands can cost between $80 and $120. The battery pack in most hybrid cars provides at least some of the power needed to propel the vehicle forward -- it gives its power to the electric motor at lower speeds. Toyota has developed a way to extend the life of the Prius battery beyond the company's guarantee by reconditioning. Although it's smart to properly maintain your battery, there are certainly bigger things to worry about in a car, like the transmission, which can cost upwards of $3,000 to replace. Without the battery pack, drivers wouldn't be able to get the kind of fuel efficiency and low emissions hybrid cars aim for in the first place.
Most hybrid car manufacturers guarantee their batteries for the life of the car, which is typically between 80,000 to 100,000 miles (128,748 to 160,934 kilometers) or 10 years, sometimes even longer. Erren:German engineer who advanced the use of hydrogen as a transportation fuel in cars, trucks, buses, and submarines. That means if anything actually does happens to the battery within the warranty period, the company will replace the battery for no extra charge.
Erren developed a new fuel injection system that allowed the hydrogen to be fed directly into the cylinder, thereby eliminating the carburetor, which was poorly suited to inject a gaseous fuel.1932 - Henry "Dad" Garrett:The first to develop a carburetor for the on-demand production of hydrogen and oxygen from water! The technology utilizes a mini-reactor in the car that splits the water molecule into hydrogen & oxygen, with hydrogen being burned off as fuel.
He has built successful prototypes that have fueled a car, a motorcycle, a lawn mower, a torch, a boat, and most recently in 1990 he energized an entire home in West Milford. Andrija Puharich reportedly drove his motor home for hundreds of thousands of miles around North America in the 1970s using only water as fuel.

Instead of using heavy hydrogen tanks, he used metal alloys called Hydrides, to store vast amounts of hydrogen.
When hot exhaust gases passed through these Hydride containers it released the gas to burn in the standard engines. It has an electrolytic cell which has a circular anode surrounded by a cathode with a porous membrane between them.
The anode is fluted and the cathode is slotted to provide anode and cathode areas of substantially equal surface area. He claimed that his device required less energy to perform electrolysis than the minimum energy requirement predicted by conventional science (so-called "super electrolysis"). He developed a dune buggy which he claimed ran on just water, and would get 100 miles per gallon (of water).
Meyer also claimed to have replaced the spark plugs with "injectors" to spray a fine mist of water into the engine cylinders, which he claimed were subjected to an electrical resonance. Anderson:Inventor who worked on the challenge of turning water into combustible fuel for a car. He built a round vertical drum electrolysis chamber out of a 3" slice of 14" OD PVC pipe, with a 13" OD nickel-plated steel anode and cathode spaced 3" apart. It was originally designed for use in cars, but it can be used with almost any engine that normally runs on gasoline such as motorcycles, outboard marine engines, lawn mowers, portable electric generators, etc. After an Energy Cell is installed and functioning properly, the gasoline fuel lines can be completely disconnected.1996 - Dr. Cliff Ricketts:Professor at Middle Tennessee State University as been involved with alternative fuel research since 1978. Designed the H2 Reactor which is an electrolyzer that uses a unique process of electrolysis to create hydrogen and oxygen gases from water. After extensive technical research and development work, HyPower believes that the H2 Reactor's electrolysis process is technologically the most efficient to date in terms of oxy-hydrogen production to an electrical input.
The H2 Reactor has the potential of being approximately 2 times more efficient than the current state of the competing technology.2000 - Patrick J.
Peavey:Wrote "Fuel From Water" which advocates hydrogen fuel as the best long-term alternative to fossil fuels and as a way to stop polluting the air and subsidizing terrorists. The water is converted into a fuel by a process other than electrolysis, then poured into the fuel tank and burned by the engine.

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