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Notre nom est le reflet de notre ADN et de notre etat d'esprit: Un Nouveau groupe, specialiste d'un domaine d'activite ou la miniaturisation est la premiere signature.
Nos valeurs : l'enthousiasme, l'esprit d'innovation, le sens du service et de la precision, le plaisir du "jeu". Jozztek has built a large number of large format packs using these cells, and have learnt that a pack is only as strong, or as safe, as it's weakest cell. For this reason, upon delivery, packs are checked here at a cell level and are cycled to ensure that none have a high resistance, all have rated capacity, and none self discharge at an obviously accelerated rate. Jozztek is to have no liability for damage done to person or property by using these cells.

LiPo Battery chemistry allow for great high power density, which results in light weight and small pack. To safely avoid over discharge you will need a Low Voltage Cut-off board for each block of cells in series. Plongez jusqu'a -70% en Soldes Bonnes Affaires Summer Deal Proboat Achetez le !
Notre ambition est de devenir l'acteur reconnu et referent dans le domaine de l'ecommerce du jouet et des loisirs sur internet par une strategie de developpement de niches. Un nouveau groupe a taille humaine et accessible qui fait son metier dans le plein esprit de ses nombreux clients passiones.

It is assumed that the customer has experience assembling packs that can be volatile in nature.
The main concern is about making sure you do not over charge (risk of fire) or over discharge your cells (reduces the battery lifespan).

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