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For our hybrid battery service we offer a full service job on all the batteries we receive, from a full hybrid battery to individual battery packs. A full reconditioning job will be done on a computer analyzer on each battery pack, this is a 24hour process for each of the 20 battery sticks in the Civic hybrid and Insight, 22 in the 06-modern HCH. For a complete HCH or Insight battery this is a 3-4 day job to ensure we do our job correctly(additional 1-2 days for long term testing of batteries that have been shipped). A typical reconditioning job will be $350 with an additional $60 if you choose to purchase a battery pack from us that has been tested and reconditioned.

Complete HCH or Insight reconditioning job.A Includes diagnostic, troubleshooting, battery removal andA  installation, 3 cycles of reconditioning and printed report. We may have a loaner battery module for you for an additional $40.00 (covers installation and removal of the loaner battery module) to drive your car while we service your battery module.
A Replacement of damaged (shorted, open, exploded) battery pack, includes the battery pack. In two day's time all the sticks will be reconditioned and we will be able to tell our you what the capacity of all the batteries are after reconditioning.

We do have a loaner battery available for you to continue driving your car for $40, which includes installation and removal of your battery and the loaner.

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