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Keep the Advanced Universal Charger away from heated surroundings, humidity or liquid, otherwise it may cause personal injury or damage to the charger. KyHighlander59: In the last part of your video you spoke of open circuits due to bad individual smaller batteries in the pack.
I have disabeld the comments becuase I'm fed up with it (the majority of people here on YouTube are stupid), plus I only want comments on my newer videos, I dont see why my inbox shoud be full up with comments on videos I don't even care about anymore. The reason why the sound drops out halfway is because I recorded the sound simultaneously on tape, and I recorded over half of it thinking I was at the end of the recording and I wasn't, so I had to switch over to camera's audio after that. I've encoded this as an avi with mpeg-2 video compression this time, to see how well YouTube handles it. La Crosse RS-700 Battery Charger with France Technology now comes with 2 years warranty! The usual problem is that one or more of the batteries in your set has a much lower actual capacity than the rest.
Charges AA & AAA rechargeable batteries simultaneously with individual terminal system. Discharge your battery before the charge in order to avoid what we currently call the memory effect, especially for NiCd cells.

Selectable charging current range from 200mA to 700mA to fit your requirement such as slow for protection or fast for speedy charging.
Automatically switches to trickle charge when charging is complete to ensure maximum battery capacity.
RS-700 is the most affordable France design charger that charges, recondition batteries and sort out bad batteries.
Proven to ensure your batteries are charged closest to it's maximum storage capacity than any other brands out there! My old charger takes 16hrs to charge 2450mh batteries and this new one only takes a little more than 3 hours to get the job done, makes this charger a very good value for anyone who has electronics (like camera flashes) that are battery hogs or are tired of needing need batteries all the time but don't want to wait forever for the charging. My encoder does mpeg-2 really well, it's a little sharper, and the files are not much bigger than if they were xvid. If any one battery or circuit over heat, the charger will stop all channels charging and discharging. The little LCD screen is very smart, shows every batteries' current charging status with easy-to-read animations. This charger will test your batteries and show you the TESTED capacity of each and every one, individually.

Another nice thing is it comes with a USB output port which I am using it to charge my iPhone, such a considerate user-friendly smart design. I tried the USB port and it charged my phone fine, but I probably wont use it unless I am really pushed for wall sockets.
Now with a fresh charge on high capacity batteries you expect at least 3 hours of play time. Also, this is one of the rare find that could charge C and D batteries at the same time, Yippee!!! Overall was good value, looks great and does the job, just wish they had it in white to match their batteries! When the test and charge cycle is complete it shows you exactly how much your battery can give.

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