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We are global electronic commerce online shopping website with headquarters in Hongkong and operators in Shenzhen. A jump start isn't the only way to recharge a car battery, and it's not necessarily the best way. Note: Since battery acid is hazardous, be sure to take adequate precautions when handling old battery terminals to protect skin and clothing. Use a Trickle Charger This device delivers electricity to your battery from a power outlet in a slow, steady stream. Attach the Charger Cables Make sure that the car is turned off and then attach the cables or the wires to the battery terminals. Turn on the Charger Once both the terminals are connected, connect the charger to the electric outlet. Recharging a car battery once it has run out of water is possible, but it may not continue to hold a charge. Remember that you should not touch the terminals if they are covered with a whitish powder.
These are known as cell caps, and they have to be removed before you can use a battery charger. Use a hydrometer to find out the amount of electric energy in the fluid or turn on the engine.

Deep cycle, nickel iron, or marine batteries can all be used to charge an auto battery, should the need arise. A slow charge is much better, as batteries tend hold the charge for a longer period of time with this method.
This is dried sulfuric acid and it can burn your skin if you touch it with your bare hands. These caps are either on the very top of the battery, or under a yellow strip which can be peeled on and off, some may have no caps at all.
The red wire has to be connected to the red or positive terminal (it might be labeled the POS terminal on the battery). The main factor is the cranking amps generated, and it may take these batteries longer to charge than using another car battery or a battery charger.
Some batteries, when refilled with distilled water, will continue to hold a charge, whereas others will not. Frequent recharges indicate that your car battery is of poor quality or that you are not taking care of your car as well as you should.
The trickle charger has an electric cord with a plug and two jumper cables with alligator clips. Use a manual sandpaper pad to wipe around the terminals, or get a wet cloth and apply a layer of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to the cloth.

If your battery does have cell caps, they must be removed before you begin charging, otherwise gases created by charging will not be able to escape into the atmosphere. However, there should be no problem using a NICd battery to start or charge a car as long as you can generate the cranking amperage to do so.
The determining factors for this are the amount of time your battery has been dry, the quality of your battery and how old it is. Unfortunately, you can only determine the answer by charging it and watching to make sure it is holding a charge. Rub the terminals down with your removal system, and ensure that they are ready to receive the wires.
This is because the wires will spark when they touch, causing ignition of the hydrogen gas that surrounds the battery.

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