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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Have you ever looked for a good Rechargeable Li-ion Battery from the internet in your daily life? Note: you could enjoy the wholesale price of this item as long as the item quantity of your order is more than 1. A lithium battery consists of an anode made of graphite and a cathode made of "lithiated" metal oxide, not actually the metal lithium but a chemical mixture containing lithium molecules. The chemical composition of lithium batteries carries a potential hazard of severe and life threatening explosion when they are exposed to extreme heat, overcharges, or if the outputs are shorted either by an external connection or a technical failure in the instrument in which they are installed.
The separator between the anode and the cathode in a lithium polymer battery contains a highly porous solid polymer composite such as polyethylene oxide or polyacrylonitrile, which changes to a gel when the electrolyte is added.
Since the plates of a lithium polymer battery are cut from die cast materials, they can be stacked like a deck of cards and connected in parallel, giving them the advantage of being made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Because of the nature of the separator, lithium polymer batteries cost more to manufacture.
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The anode and cathode are separated by a non-liquid electrolyte, which completes the chemical action necessary to make it work. So lithium batteries must incorporate specific safety features to electronically limit or disconnect their output, or include physically features to reduce internal pressure if abused.
The cells are sealed in a plastic aluminum laminate which ruptures and vents any gases caused by electrolyte oxidation, and shuts the cell down in the case of overcharge, short circuit or high temperature, significantly reducing the risk of explosion. The composition of the polymer separator allows the batteries to be made thinner than competitive types, less than four millimeters. While in use, ions of lithium travel from the anode and return to the cathode, while electrons travel from the cathode to the anode, thus producing the electricity.

The choice to use a lithium polymer battery remains mainly with the manufacturers of the equipment that will use them. So manufacturers of equipment considering using them need to decide if the dimensions of the battery compartment are worth the additional cost.
Consumers should be aware of discounted or counterfeit lithium batteries, as they may not have the proper safety features to avoid explosion in abusive conditions.

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