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The Kentli AA Lithium-Ion cell was perceived as an exciting development, because all Lithium Ion cells are normally 3.7 volts.
As Chinese Industry is prone to do, Kentli did some slight-of-hand marketing with these products. The street price for these Kentli AA cells is about US$11 per cell, and the charger about US$20. We bought 12 AA cells and 2 chargers to give these units a workout in our Lectrosonics SMV transmitters. This is about the time that the Kentli AA cells stopped delivering 3 hours of power to the SMV’s. UPDATE : Curious about the quiescent current draw of the Kentli Cell, on its own, we hooked up a micro-amp meter between the regulator board and the Li-Po cell.
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So even if the cell could fit into the AA form, the voltage was too high for 1.5 volt applications. Lithium Ion cells maintain almost their rated voltage right up till they die  Other cells, the voltage slowly drops as the cell discharges.

For their weight, Lithium-Ion cells currently provide the most deliverable power than any other type of cell. Rechargeable batteries create income, as you can bill the client for these batteries like disposables. They listed the capacity in milli-watt-hours, so they could print that big 2800 mWh on the side of the cell.
In my application, Kentli AA’s take their internal cell from a full charge to near-exhaustion in every cycle. And obviously, in the SMV, a rechargeable will run for only 3 hours, and a AA li-ion disposable will burn for 5 hours.
They are shipped directly from China through a few distributors, including sellers on ebay. I would guess I got about 100 charges on my Kentli’s before they began to show signs of expiration. The Kentli sees this quiescent current, and therefore keeps its motherboard alive, affecting a continuous drain on its cell. And no telling of what’s to become of my little AA canisters for a location sound mixer on the road! A Lectro SMQV would treat the cells more gently, distributing the current draw between two cells, and possibly resulting in better performance.

So leave a freshly charged Kentli in the SMV overnight, and it will be dead in the morning. In a less-demanding environment, (like an LED flashlight or an ipod dock) they may give better service. But Kentli claims their cell lasts as long as the Ni-MH, because the regulator allows the 1.5 volts to be maintained till the cell is completely exhausted. I use it as a drop-weight when running the lav cable down shirts and blouses and pant-legs.
They require extra time to sort and charge and check at call and wrap.  They create a level of uncertainty in the production process. The SMQV is almost as large as a UM400A, Lectros classic 9-volt transmitter, of which I already have a shit-ton. The charger consists of a very flimsy switching power supply converting your AC house current to 5 volts DC. The flimsy switch-mode supply was the obvious culprit, so it was replaced with an outboard 5 volt phone charger, of much more robust design.

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