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Home Test Equipment Leak Detectors Refrigerant Mastercool 53518-UVMastercool, 53518-UV Rechargeable Battery Operated UV Flash Light with Accessories Brand: Mastercool Part #53518-UV Tweet Send to Email Print Favorites Why buy from an Authorized Distributor?
The THREE different speeds allow you to choose how much air is being moved to achieve your maximum level of comfort. Portable mini fan powered by lithium rechargeable battery, convenient to carry anywhere and anytime.

It can provide up to 8 hours of cooling power after fully charged which makes a smart addition to a desk at work or at home or outside. If you have already bought from other sellers the fakes, please AZ dispute with them ,get their money back as soon as possible; and to report that AMAZON counterfeit products jumper break in a short period of time, there is no warranty!

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