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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Battery module supplies power to a sensor, or chain of sensors, operating in the Off-Line mode, and to sensors connected to an RF Communication module and wifi module. Arbor Scientific is a leading provider of Physics and Physical Science teaching equipment tested and approved by educators recognized for their expertise. This product does NOT contain lead as prohibited by the European Community and has been assembled using "Lead Free" silver solder.
The Main Battery Low warning notifies you when your battery level reaches a low level and needs to be recharged. If the battery level gets too low, the unit will go into an emergency suspend and will turn itself off.
Collect and store experiment data without a nearby computer in science labs, classrooms, or field studies.

The NeuLog Rechargeable Battery Module allows you to collect and store experiment data without a nearby computer, making it ideal for science labs, classrooms, and field studies. OK Medical stock the full range of Cochlear Nucleus 6 batteries and battery covers in a wide range of colours to match your processor. The Battery module is rechargeable and can be recharged by connecting it to the PC's USB socket via the USB module cable.The Battery module has a LED and a pushbutton switch. Using a screwdriver, a coin, or the flat head of the stylus, unlock the 2 screws on the PowerBoot Module by turning them counter-clockwise until the PowerBoot can be removed.
Screw the PowerBoot Module securely into place by turning the 2 screws clockwise until they are fastened. Up to five sensors can be connected to a battery module and used in offline mode for convenient data collection. To recharge the battery, simply plug a mini USB cable into the battery module and power it with your computer or a standard USB wall charger.

The LED indicates whether the battery is charged enough or not when pressing the pushbutton. Unscrewing the screws turns the unit off and puts it in a special state that prevents it from turning on during alarms and notifications. The battery module can also be used to power the WiFi module (ME-NLWIFI) along with sensors.

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