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CR18650 3.7V Rechargeable Battery05th September, 2014Ledlenser shifted its focus to sport and outdoor activities just under two years ago.
In 1993, the bank refused to grant them a business loan and they had no real estate to offer as collateral, just fresh ideas and the prototype of the first LED LENSER V8 flashlight. With all the passion and courage of two young, newly-minted entrepreneurs, they managed without the bank and to their own surprise ended up selling more than 200 million Euros’ worth of LED flashlights in the first five years.
Fast forward 17 years, hundreds of patents and design awards later, and LED LENSER is now a company of more than 1000 employees, three manufacturing bases and a range of some of the world’s highest-quality LED flashlights. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This rechargeable battery has no memory effect and a higher capacity than nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries!
As you can see, not only are there many rechargeable battery sizes, but many types as well. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Rechargeable Battery is used in cordless telehpone only, and should only be charged from within your cordless teltphone, No outside charging methods should be used. Our webstore uses cookies to offer a better user experience and we consider that you are accepting their use if you keep browsing the website. The rechargeable AA batteries duracell, nimh technology, provide greater savings and long life. This Power Sonic PS-1270 12v 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery was originally designed for UPS systems and back up power supplies.

Power Sonic Batteries are a leading manufacture of replacement batteries for all sorts of devices and applications. The lighting specialist then began introducing new product developments to the market – such as the XEO 19R and the SEO and NEO series – for extreme sport and outdoor sport athletes as well as runners. For the gentlemen at the bank, who told them that the V8 was unsellable, that wasn’t enough.
The V8 became an international design classic and one of the the top-selling LED flashlights in the world.
And today, just as in the beginning, we remain driven by light – the emission, channeling and powering of light.
This high capacity rechargeable battery can be charged up to 1000 times, with a charge time of approximately 2.5 hours with 100 mAh rapid charger or 16 hours with a 20 mAh standard charger. This item can only be shipped within the 48 contiguous states via Standard Ground Shipping. Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries are also used, although lithium is surpassing in terms of popularity. Though because of the high quality construction, stand by power and cycle life characteristics it is a perfect solution to many other applications. So In 1994, with 1,000 DM, a sketch book, toolbox and old Atari® computer, twin brothers Rainer and Harald Opolka struck out on their own and founded LED LENSER in their garage in Germany. This NiMH rechargeable battery is longer lasting for digital electronics and perfect for use in portable boom boxes, toys, personal stereos and clip lanterns. These batteries are now used power tools, mp3 players, digital cameras, videocams, cell phones, laptops and various electronic gadgets.

They do not create problems in the environment, do not contain cadmium or mercury and retain their power over time. It is a great replacement battery for your OEM Automotive Jump Start Boxes, Car Jump Starters, Emergency Lighting, Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, and Kids ride on toys. The XEO 19R headlamp is the first of its kind with a bright 2000 lumen output in two independently operated LEDs, state-of-the-art technology, and transformative design that allows the user to wear, carry and mount the light comfortably for all situations.
See the terminal chart below to make sure you are purchasing the right battery for your application.
When you buy a Power Sonic Battery you know you are buying a quality product that has stood the test of time in this very competitive market. See the terminal chart below to make sure you are purchasing the right battery for your application.
It also comes with rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and IPX8 waterproof housing all squeezed into a 11.5cm light. Available in five funky colours, the Led Lenser NEO is a modern, innovative and lightweight headlamp with an ergonomic design which gives different options for lighting and dimmable brightness. Multi-coloured light has become essential, for example, as a signal in road and traffic situations as well as in the military.

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