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Over the years since its introduction, the Malkoff Devices MD2 A has firmly established itself among the favorites of flashlight enthusiasts and those who demand the most from their illumination tools. Made of 6061 T6 Structural Aircraft Grade Aluminum, the MD2 features exterior Type III anodizing and interior Chemfilm coating for durability and corrosion protection. With a 1″ diameter body, the MD2 is compatible with most mounting accessories and holsters used with tactical lights. The Cree XP-G2 emitter is protected by a scratch and shatter resistant hardcoated acrylic lens which is designed to allow 95% of available light to pass through.
A raised edge around the tailcap allows the MD2 to tailstand on a flat surface and helps reduce the possibility of accidental activation. Both the head and tailcap of the MD2 are removable and batteries may be loaded from either end.
With an input voltage range of 3.4 to 9 volts, the M61 drop-in can be operated with nearly any battery combination that will fit inside the MD2 body, including lithium primary 123A cells as well as 16340 and 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. When purchased as part of the turn-key package, the MD2 comes equipped with two Battery Station 123A lithium primary batteries. For many users, myself included, the Malkoff MD2 with M61 drop-in is one of the standards other lights are compared to.
The following slides show the MD2 with M61 drop-in compared to a variety of other lights to give some perspective with regard to output and beam profile. When operated continuously in high mode, the head of the MD2 gets warm but not overly hot, reaching a maximum temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit (72 degree ambient). When powered by two SureFire 123A Lithium Primary batteries, the MD2 produced its full output for just over 90 minutes and then began a long taper as the batteries were depleted. The K2 Energy LFP123 Lithium Phosphate rechargeable batteries powered the MD2 for 45 minutes at full output before beginning a rapid decline. With two AW 16340 (RCR123) Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries, the MD2 produced its highest output, approximately 7% more than with 123A lithium primary batteries. Using a single AW 18650 (3100mAh) Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery resulted in a slightly lower output than the other battery options but gave the longest total runtime. The Malkoff MD2 is a solid, dependable flashlight that is built to last, even under hard use.
When outfitted with the M61 drop-in the MD2 is a terrific short to medium distance light which is able to evenly illuminate a fairly broad area. To put it simply, the Malkoff MD2 provides a combination of reliability, durability, and versatility that sets it apart from the competition. Good runtime with long taper as batteries become depleted (with primary batteries and 18650 Li-Ion). Finally, no review of a Malkoff Devices product would be complete without mentioning the great service and support provided by Gene and Cathy Malkoff.
Be sure to share your thoughts, questions, or Malkoff experiences in the comment section below. Game boy advance sp review, One cool feature that i discovered when using the sp with old original game boy games is that pressing these buttons changes the display from regular to buy batteries for it, is a real plus as well! Nintendo unveils new game boy advance sp, And the gba sp will come with a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, rated for 10 hours of game play with the light in use, 18 hours without.
Game boy advance sp gets an original gameboy retrofit, It’s true that the original game boy is a more modern gba sp.

GAMINGWORLD - Game boy advance sp review - One cool feature that i discovered when using the sp with old original game boy games is that pressing these buttons changes the display from regular to buy batteries for it, is a real plus as well!
GAMINGWORLD - Nintendo unveils new game boy advance sp - And the gba sp will come with a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, rated for 10 hours of game play with the light in use, 18 hours without. GAMINGWORLD - Game boy advance sp gets an original gameboy retrofit - It’s true that the original game boy is a more modern gba sp.
GAMINGWORLD - Game boy advance sp - gba - review - With its small size, backlight and rechargeable battery, the game boy advance sp takes a great handheld system to another level and makes it the best portable gaming system ever.
GAMINGWORLD - New gameboy advance - The gameboy advance sp will feature an internal light, allowing users to play games in dimly lit or dark areas. A Whether talking about the body, the head, or the M61 drop-in housed inside, every piece of the MD2 has a substantial feel and is obviously built to last. A Currently available only in black, the MD2 has also been produced with other finishes, including Camouflage and Pink. A  The M61’s output is focused by a custom orange peel reflector, designed by Don McLeish, to produce a beam that is balanced between throw and spill.
A This forward-clicky style switch allows momentary operation with a partial press and constant-on operation with a full press and click of the switch.
A Shock isolation for the batteries is provided by springs at both ends and O-rings are used to maintain a weather tight seal. A Housing the fully potted electronics, the M61’s solid brass heatsink provides an effective thermal path to draw heat away from the LED itself. A When equipped with the M61 drop-in, the MD2 produces what I would consider to be a general purpose beam, which is good for a wide variety of tasks. A Moving outward from the center the beam transitions smoothly into the spill beam which is very clean and even. A The images can be compared across their full widths using the slider and additional comparisons can be viewed by using the navigation buttons in the bottom-right corner of each image. A With all battery types, output is stable the entire time the light is running in regulation. A In this configuration, the MD2 was still producing a usable amount of light when the test was ended after 3 hours of runtime. A When the test was ended at 52 minutes, the MD2 was still producing 4 or 5 lumens of output.
A This output was sustained for just over 52 minutes until the batteries’ own protection circuit kicked in to prevent over discharge.
A  Producing about 3-5% less output than with 123A lithium primary batteries, the MD2 with AW 18650 maintained regulation for just over 70 minutes before beginning an extremely long taper as the battery was depleted. A In addition, the modular design and parts compatibility with other Malkoff products ensure the MD2 will never become obsolete as it can be easily upgraded as newer drop-in modules become available.
A Both are well known for their desire to satisfy customers and are quick to answer any questions or provide assistance. OZTorches makes it a priority that all customers feel confident that the product they purchase accurately matches their needs. Based in Australia, a country blessed with an abundance of clear night skies, beautiful wildlife and spectacular landscapes, OZScopes provides the very best in optical instruments for enjoying the beauty of nature around us.
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Extra accessories such as mouthpieces are also readily available through the online store and a breathalyzer expert can easily be contacted over the phone. Shop from our amazing selection of dog beds while knowing that you're getting a great price, a quality product and some kick ass customer service.
Catering to both genders and different tastes in style, OZMotorcycle gear has everything from motorcycle boots and motorcycle gear to fingerless gloves and leather vests. With beautiful landscapes, the outback and lush forests, any adventurer needs a multi-tool Victorinox swiss army knife to enjoy the great outdoors. It is our honour to bring you the best picture frame and we can assure you that you can get high quality customer service from OZPictureFrame. A The latest version of this drop-in, featuring a Cree XP-G2 emitter, is rated to produce more than 300 lumens of output for approximately 1.5 hours when used with lithium 123A primary batteries. A Actuation is smooth and positive with an audible click when latching into constant-on mode.
A The battery compartment measures 18.7mm in diameter to accommodate most 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. A Although it is capable of reaching much further, the beam is seems ideally suited for illuminating objects out to 150-200 feet. A I recommend only using protected lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in this configuration. A Output was around 100 lumens after 4 hours of total runtime and approximately 30 lumens after 6 hours, when the test was ended. A Even now there are over a dozen drop-in options in a variety of beam tints and ranging from less than 100 lumens to nearly 400 lumens maximum output. A Compatibility with a variety of battery types also means that users can tailor their battery choices based upon their needs and usage. Obtain outstanding imaging perforamance, ultimate precision and maximum aiming accuracy with the best rifle scope from our range of rifle scopes brands. Good food is so important, but without the right kitchenware it can be challenging to cook well.
A Users wanting even more powerful options can choose a longer body, the MD3 or MD4, and utilize the more powerful M91 series of drop-ins with up to 825 lumens of output. A It’s personal touches like these are reminders that you are dealing with real people with a genuine interest in their customers. That's why the team at myKitchenware makes it easy to find the right cooking tools based on your needs.
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