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For past few years, I have been using Sony’s Cycle Energy Multi-Use Premium AA Batteries (2100mAh) for my cameras, flash and even wireless mouse.
Sony Cycle Energy AA Rechargeable Battery Reason why I chose to pay premium and buy Sony’s Cycle Energy batteries is due to the fact that these batteries are advertised as Pre-Charged ready to use batteries, that can hold their charge for as long as 1 year i.e.
And thankfully, Sony’s Cycle Energy Batteries perform as advertised and manage to hold their charge for several months (never really left them for a year without usage).
Since these are 2100mAh batteries, they usually have enough life in them to allow you to shoot several hundred photographs with your digital camera, before losing their steam.
Of course for my use, these are just perfect and the fact that these can be bought from Sony World (which is where I bought the initial pair) just reinforces your belief that you are getting genuine stuff (even if you end up paying MRP), rather than counterfeit batteries being sold at some of the stores.
Overall I am quiet satisfied with Sony’s Cycle Energy Batteries and would likely be buying more of these, if and when I need them. Each charger has a different way of telling you when the battery is charged, some stop blinking and some display different color in LED. ShopNRelax made an impact in the market by efficient and timely supply of tapes and thereby getting the FIRST company to get ISO 9001 certification in tapes distribution business. Having such an extensive, efficient network & sales team in place, SONY further extended their support by making us one of their distributor for their other products which include USB PEN DRIVES, SONY PRO DUO MEMORY CARDS, SD CARDS, MICRO SD CARDS. In early 2011, we also added to our product list , by getting the SOLE DISTRIBUTORSHIP for the full of MAHARASHTRA for distribution of Calculators for the BRAND name "CALCEE". I forgot to mention that I got one of those “ancient Realistic (Radio Shack) branded charger”, too!
This charger is listed at 110-127V input, however I see an apparently identical model on the web with 110-240V input.

I ended up (on a trip to Target) buying a Duracell charger that came with two each AAA and AA bateries and it works fine.
In case of a flash, they are pretty good as well, though I guess professionals would prefer to use something with a little more power eg. I bought the package from Home Depot, and will return the package of junk to Home Depot FIRST THING TOMORROW.
Theya are 1300 mAh and did get warm when the charger was on but don’t seem to have charged.
While in case of a wireless mouse, this really isn’t a feature that is needed, when it comes to powering external flash (which I do not use that often) or being used as backup in the battery grip of my Canon DSLR, such long shelf life is a blessing. 2700mAh normal NIMH batteries, which do not hold their charge for several months, but they can help you get several extra shots at an event. Simultaneously, it also started it's operations in of SONY PROFESSIONAL TAPES to various production houses and TV Channels.
I personally prefer to go the rechargeable route mainly because it’s easier and less expensive for me to pop a set of drained batteries into a charger and wait for them to rejuice, then it is for me to drive to the store and buy a brand new set.
I left the first set plugged in over night and while I did have the red light for charging the light never goes off.
The others (in a four pack are 2300 mAh and also get warm but both sets when left in the charger over night will not charge and while they do get warm, the red light never turns to green. I loaded the eight I needed in my telescope and they hold the charge great, more than eight hours of use. The one time it did turn green, the batteries ran out of juice very shortly after trying to use them in a camera.

I let this charger ON for more than 14 hours to charge my two AA 1300 mAh Energizer Rechargeable batteries but it never charged them and I guess it won’t. You can not use this charger to charge other types of batteries such as Lithium Ion and standard alkaline cells.
Green Light Never Goes off, not at least before then 14 hours although its written in its specifications that it is automatic Switch-Off charger. I put the cold ones in place of the hot ones (left side) the light turned red,and within 5 hours they were charged (green light).
When I tried to actually use the batteries in a device, thinking perhaps the charge indicator was bad, the device didn’t work. The next day I went to the store to change it for another of the same one, thinking I just had bad luck with the first one, and the same thing happened. I have a bad experience with energizer so I won’t make a mistake to buy it or to recommend it to anyone. I was surprised to see the low 1300 mAh rating on the included batteries considering that Energizer also offers 2300 mAh batteries. I just started trying it again because I am using a new device that needs constant batteries, so I figured I’d come online and try to find answers once and for all.

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