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Rebuilt hybrid car batteries are quickly becoming a popular alternative to buying factory new batteries.
Well, I am one very pleased customer and will sing your praises to every Prius owner I know (several) and meet in the future. Hybrid Battery Rebuild is a family-owned and operated auto group, currently commanded by John Vander Reyden .
John loves nothing better than to hear “no one could fix it so we brought it to you.” He is the leading name in Gas Conversion Industry in Australia and converted 100000 plus cars in Australia.

Our technicians have the know-how to troubleshoot and assess most points-of-failure within automobiles. It is a 2009 DS model, 48 volt electric (6 - 8 volt batteries), just refurbished locally (from a golf course somewhere), repainted to our exact specifications, new enclosure, new Powertron batteries (made by Trojan), new 10" tires, all the features we wanted, and way below what local dealers charge for the same refurbished cart. He can order the current model of DS Club Car that is available from the wholesale market, which is currently the 2009 year model - where golf carts come off a golf course after two years use. I believe his pricies for 2009 DS models start around $4,200 for the beige color with 8 inch wheels.

Our rebuilt hybrid batteries offer similar performance at about one fourth of the cost of a dealership while providing peace of mind with a one year unlimited mileage warranty.
I feel good about keeping my 2006 longer and knowing that the old battery will be recycled.

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