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Battery Heileman (1899-1943) - Battery Julius Heileman was a reinforced concrete, Endicott Period 10 inch coastal gun battery on Fort San Jacinto, Galveston County, Texas. Originally built as an Endicott Period concrete coastal gun battery with two 10" M1888MI guns mounted on M1896 disappearing carriages.
The original battery construction was on a site that was low enough to require fill to raise it to a height of eight feet above mean low tide.
Emplacement #1 was armed by 1 Apr 1897 and the ARF emplacement #2 was armed by 17 Mar 1899.
On 8 Sep 1900 Galveston was struck by a massive hurricane and the battery was damaged so severely that it could not be reconstructed. Reconstruction on the new battery began in 1901 and was complete by 1906 but Fort San Jacinto was not re-garrisoned until 1911 and the new battery was not accepted for use until 21 Aug 1911. The 10" guns of Battery Heileman were obsolete by the beginning of World War II and as the first scrap drives began they were ordered scrapped.
Rebuilt HV batteries for the Gen 1 Toyota Prius are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to brand new.

Besides offering new assemblies (purchased directly from Toyota) Luscious Garage also rebuilds battery packs in house.  I can’t honestly remember what prompted us to figure it out, two years and dozens of packs ago. Thus, though the price is lower and the batteries are second-hand, we expect the rebuilt packs to last as long if not longer than the originals.  For most Gen 1 owners, this confidence combined with the cost savings will drive the decision. All packs are load tested to confirm battery health, and the results are included in the work order (learn more about battery testing here).  If I may say so, we build mighty strong packs, with identical performance to brand new units. All of our rebuilds are guaranteed for one year (the same as new from Toyota) but we have yet to have any come back (and we don’t expect them to). Cost considerations precluded placing the battery on pilings so the battery was supported by the fill. A major factor in the destruction of the battery was the lack of pilings, batteries with pilings survived with far less damage and were repairable. Gun emplacement #2 was configured as an all around fire (ARF), 360 degree field of fire, emplacement. The fill project was mostly completed by 25 Jan 1897 and actual battery construction began 10 Mar 1897 using a construction plant that had been moved to the site.

Many of the gun and mortar tubes removed were sent to arsenals for modification and mounting on mobile carriages, both wheeled and railroad.
Work on the battery was essentially completed in the spring of 1898 except for the guns and carriages. Most of the removed gun tubes never made it to Europe and were either remounted or remained at the arsenals until needed elsewhere. The two 10" gun tubes of Battery Heileman were apparently slated for overseas shipment but as the war drew to an end they were ordered remounted and retained.

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