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The Accu electric lawn mower is also a push mower so you can easily mow when you run low on battery.
The Accu electric lawnmower is by far the quietest and lightest of all cordless electric mowers. One Service: Additionally, since we recell the packs using NiMh cells they are more environmentally friendly to manufacture and do not suffer from charge memory effects that NiCd typically do. The Cells: The cells we use are made to our specifications to be high-drain cells, meaning they are designed to take high loads for a sustained period of time (ours can take a sustained 10X cell capacity load). Best Practices: Charging time will vary depending on how depleted the battery pack is when you start to charge.
The battery does not need to be fully depleted before charging but do keep in mind the charge time will be shorter and therefore should be connected to the charger for a shorter period of time.
The reel blades miss the bedknife by .05mm, which is why the blades cut better and rarely need sharpening.
The Brill charger is a simple transformer with a stated voltage output of 24V DC at 250 milliamperes (mA) current.

That being said it is a good idea to fully discharge then charge the battery pack 3-4 times when first purchased.
Charging a NiMh pack at various stages of discharge will have no long term effect on the packs overall capacity. Please upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site. On most other models the reel blades make contact with the bedknife which explains why other push reel mowers need frequent sharpening.
Leaving the battery pack connected to the charger for a longer period of time won't necessarily damage the pack if it is under 36-48 hours but they shouldn't be left connected indefinitely either. In reality the number of cycles is longer since most packs are not fully discharged before being charged again. All of our batteries have a one year warranty ____________________________ $$$$Check out below to find ways to save money$$$$ Get a $3 per battery credit on orders of 3 or 4 being rebuilt at one time, OR Get a $4 off per battery credit on orders of 5 or more being rebuilt a one time Mix and match brands and voltages [Credit will be given to you when we ship your batteries back to you.] _________________________________ If you have more batteries to be rebuilt, please click on your brand below to make your purchase. Shipping Page For Canadian customers: You must send us your battery at your expense and we will return it to you for the listed shipping charge.

Shipping Page ________________________________ General Information: We only use high quality cells in our rebuilding process and all batteries are tested before they are shipped. The capacity of the cells we use are determined by our testing using a discharge rate and charge rate that a power tool would use, not what the manufacturer states on the wrapper. Any battery pack that we receive in a damaged condition, we will contact you with the alternatives. If, for some reason, we are not able to rebuild your battery, we will refund your purchase price. Refund Policy: If you purchased this item(s) in error and we are unable to correct your purchase, we will gladly refund your money. Please contact us via Email or call (509)782-1269 8-6 PACIFIC TIME If you are unhappy for any reason with our work or product we offer a 14 day refund of your purchase price.

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