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I am suprised you went to so much trouble and expense with this.FYI - RIDGID has lifetime warranties on their batteries if you register the info on-line. First, be sure that your new cells have the same voltage (in my case they had 3.78 V each). This is a 100% compatible battery for eZeebikes manufactured by a high end battery manufacturer and always fresh of the production line. We currently have no date for when these may come back in stock.descriptionspecificationsvideosdocumentsaccessoriesreviews & questionseZee Lithium battery rebuild.
Cells like that rarely perform as advertised unless they are genuine, such as being true Panasonic cells.

Unfortunately there are tons of Chinese fakes who get a high capacity label, but not the same cell build quality.
Further, they are rated at 1-2C, which is in line with the 4-6A listed on the site you linked. Looking a bit online, and using your pictures, the batteries should have a ~48 Wh capacity.
The laptop pack has more range, but drops steadily in power (~1500 watts draw down to about ~1100 draw). The A123 pack maintains its full power for the entire discharge, then drops off of a cliff when they're empty.

I would suspect that if you tested the cells you purchased you would not see close to the stated 3.1AH capacity. I hope your pack works well for you, but due to the differences in cell chemistry, I am curious about the longevity.

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